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How do I archive a Unity project?



  • Levente Lajtai

    This has been changed, there are no tabs now, now there is a "Settings" menu in the list on the left, and you can find archive project under "General".

  • Alexander Landreth

    Is there a way to delete them completely? I'm a new developer and have a few basic games I want to get rid of to clean up my account info. 


  • Maru

    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for your comment!

    At this stage, there isn't a way to completely delete projects. This is something that our dev team are currently exploring so we will be sure to communicate this if we do ever change it so projects can be deleted.

  • Jesse Bennett

    What would this do to a game that's published to the app store? would it free up the app store id so you could link it to a different project?

  • John Bell

    Many game designers are not aware when first using Unity that it will keep every project and you can delete them. Also, if you have a name of a game which is fairly important and start making versions - it adds an (#) to them. Now with 2018.37f1 it appears this is not happening. I still would like to remove them. Is there away instead of trudging through several dozen projects one at a time and selecting archives I can do this.

    jb - Crystalware



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