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Where I can get the symbols file for the library in an Android (IL2CPP) build to symbolicate call stacks from crashes on my production builds?



  • Niall Muldoon


    Is this still accurate? I'm trying to upload symbols to Crashlytics for Android IL2CPP build.

    Do we definitely want "" even for non development builds?

    It seems like there is an error or "" has been moved to "/StagingArea/symbols/"

    Thank you,


  • chenzhizhao

    how to get crash trace for a il2cpp build?

    In old mono builds, I could use addr2line? in il2cpp builds? how to use why I always get meanningless line like "
    ??:0" in addr2line?

  • Alexandra Kabak

    I also would like to know if anyone has figured out why some of the lines output by addr2line end up being empty and completely useless like this:


    I've used both the and the to get a parts of a call stack deobfuscated, but there are still gaps like the above - why? Are there more symbols Unity generates that we need to run through the addr2line tool?


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