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How are my Unity Services impacted as a Unity 5.x Pro perpetual license holder?



  • Polakię Games

    It's good to see the term "perpetual" has no meaning to Unity Technologies. What a useless investment of thousands of dollars on my part.

  • What Pumpkin Games

    Yeah, I don't understand this. Will the perpetual license only not apply for versions after 5.6, or will it no longer work for Unity 5 entirely?

    If it's the latter, what's perpetual about that?

  • Lily

    Hi there,

    Your Unity 5.x perpetual license is perpetual in the sense that you will be able to use the 5.x version of Unity for as long as you please!

    Since Unity is also backwards compatible, you will have access to all versions of 3.x, 4.x and 5.x with your 5.x perpetual license. After 5.6, the 5.x license cycle is ending, so you can continue to use all of the above versions, but not the new Unity 2017 versions.

    As the 5.x license cycle is coming to an end, this is why we are seeing services support included in this version of Unity conclude, however 5.6 will continue to receive patch updates for 12 months after its release.


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