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How can I change my Editor theme?



  • Joshua

    This is seriously F'ed up, I can't even use IDE's without dark themes because I have a light sensitivity. GG on being rude and making people pay for accessibility.

  • Derek

    Hi Joshua. 

    Derek from Unity customer service here. 

    I'm sorry to hear you have a light sensitivity and I'm really sorry about any inconvenience caused in regards to the editor's visual appearance.

    This is a very common opinion and we get votes for this to be implemented into the free version every week. We are currently working on a way to make this feature accessible to all users. 

    For now, please make sure you vote for this suggestion on our feedback page periodically so our team can see how well in demand this is.

    You can do this in the link above. However, if you have any more questions please feel no hesitation in getting in contact so we can discuss this further in detail. I will be happy to chat with you more.

    Here is the contact for us:

    All the best,


  • Richard Duerr

    Yeah, you aren't working on this for personal. This topic has been brought up and dismissed a TON since 2012. 

    If you want to make this only available to pro users, as a special badge of honor, then please say so, but don't string along people with PR speak as if you're "working hard to get it to work for personal." 

    It doesn't take much effort (AFAIK) if it already is working in pro.It's been done in the free version with window editors before, with no issues. 

    Please just let us use the dark theme already.



  • Joshua

    Are you serious with the vote thing? It has 13,531 votes. How many more do you need to take action? As Richard Said, you have people hacking your product in a very simple manner but you not can't figure out how to do it?

    Sorry to be rude but I'm just tired of these kinds of silly response to simple problems with simple solutions... and if it REALLY is that complicated, then I definitely don't want any part of this product, who knows what other overly complicated logic is baked in.

    I've since moved on to the Unreal Engine since your tutorials are missing important information and I couldn't follow the Tower Defense one because it's missing information. Which is what I would expect from a now Microsoft product. "HERE IS SOMETHING REALLY COOL, but we wont make it usable or give complete and clear instructions because that's just silly.We can't be bothered while making so many changes!"


  • Maru

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I do appreciate your comments with regards to the decision around this being Plus/Pro only feature. That being said, I can only reiterate my colleague Derek's words that we would suggest adding your comments to the feedback page at

    I understand this is a hotly requested feature and if we do ever change this, we would certainly communicate this.

  • Richard Duerr

    Adding comments to a page that is merely ignored? 

    And you never confirmed / denied if this feature is for pro/eventually free, and are stringing us along with hopes it'll be for free, with no confirmation one way or another.

    And so you're saying "we haven't communicated this will be for free, so we aren't making it for free. If this ever changes we will tell you guys?" Is this the gist of your comment? 

    Please stop with PR statements, and simply answer the question. Is it a pro only feature by choice, or will we actually get it for free at some point in the future? 

  • Anton Shekhov

    Hi, maybe not really related, but that is the best place for this question. I have a Plus subscription and I was able to change a theme in Unity 5.6, but when I opened 2018.2, the was no option for me to do so.

  • Maru

    Hi Richard,

    I wouldn't be able to confirm if this feature will eventually be free as right now, it remains as a Pro only feature. This is a Pro feature by choice but I'd like to convey that in the event this ever does change, we will be sure to communicate this.


    Anton - Could you please raise a support ticket with us so we can help you further, as we'd need to check the status of your Plus subscription :)

  • Anton Shekhov

    Hi Maru,

    I already did a week ago after I wrote here. It is the case 1088474


  • Richard Duerr


    Thanks for confirming that it IS a conscious choice to only have the dark skin for PRO users, and not a technical issue. 


    This means that we are unlikely to see it offered in the free version of unity (or we would have seen it by now due to unity gaining huge traction).


    I would expect unity to capitalize and spin it as a "good deed" to do this for free users (to divert form it being annoying to free users in the first place), if they ever do this, so that was never in question. 


    Please pass the message onto management / other teams that we really want this, as the light skin burns my eyes during night time development. 

  • Derek


    Thanks for getting back to us.

    The Dark skin is a very sought-after feature in Personal and can see why this is a cause for frustration amongst many of our users. I'm truely sorry about that.

    Please note that this is a thread for support on how to change the skin in the Pro/Plus version. This is to help people who already have Plus/Pro and it isn't a open discussion about the feature itself. 

    I can assure you this topic isn't ignored and it isn't pointless to make your thoughts unknown on the feedback page. In fact, the more you vote for it there, The likelihood if it being imprementented will be far greater despite there already being many votes so far. This is the whole reason we give our users the option of voting weekly. 

    Our business decisions for implementing a feature like this will be based on our feedback page and not through a support thread like this one

    I know this is a bit of a pain to vote for it every week but I must ask you keep going as this is the only way your opinion will be heard. 

    I appreciate your understanding and once again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. If you would like to discuss this further you can always contact us at


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