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How do I Publish a Project in Unity Connect?



  • Todd Gillissie

    I went through these steps, and chose to publish to my "Company". So even though I have a published project, connect is telling me that the next thing I need to do is add a project.

    Can't I get to the next step now that I've added a project, even though it's published to my company instead of my profile? It should be smart enough to see my company's projects as mine.

  • Lily

    Hi Todd. Sorry to hear you had some problems publishing your project!

    I can see that you spoke with one of the connect team via a support ticket around the time your comment was submitted, so hope your issue has now been resolved!

  • Karan Buttar

    it said my showcase needs to be reviewed by a supervisor even though im posting on my profile not company

  • Sok Pitu


  • Adrian Apthorp

    Is it possible just to share my game via a URL to those I want to share it with and not have it visible in a search or games listing?

  • Jarvis

    Hello Adrian, thanks for your comment!

    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, however I has passed your feedback on to our Connect Team, to consider this as a feature in a future update to the platform.

    I hope this has been helpful, thanks for reaching out to us!


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