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How do I request a refund on an asset?



  • John

    I'm not sure Caleb, I couldn't even get a refund from an asset I bought, spent a lot of time using in a game I was making only to find out it was pirated from another game and therefore unusable and potentially criminalising me, lucky my game was not released yet, but still a lot of wasted time, effort and money on my part

    The asset developer unsurprisingly never replied to any refund requests and Unity has a policy of not refunding if it's over a certain period, which in my case was no excuse

  • Uriel Albarran Oropeza

    I buy a game from Unity and I have almost a year with it, the developer of course it's not going to refund, neither Unity, the game have a useless documentation that doesn't explain how reskin the game or add product to use with google and neither how properly include the ads

  • Maru

    Hi all,

    I thank you for the questions you have raised with us. It's incredibly helpful feedback. I am reluctant to advise each case individually due to money being involved and discussing in a public setting may not be the best idea.

    I would very much welcome anyone who had any issues relating to refunds to contact us directly at Support so we can discuss this further with you.

    You can do this via the ticket form here:

  • Jeremy Harford

    The very first asset I ever purchased on the asset store -- with a $75 pricetag! -- does not function.  It in no way performs ANYTHING advertised, even in a Unity version specifically called out as supported by its developer.

    Now I find out there IS NO refund process?  

    I think this has soured me on asset store purchases of anything other than simple artwork.  And considering that I do my own artwork, I can't see myself spending money in the asset store again.  

  • William Christopher

    Whelp... looks like I wasted 5 dollars getting an asset I could get for free because the publisher changed the color slightly. I'm new to Unity and thus didn't know about other resources... but this just killed any desire I have to further invest money into the unity site.

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi William.

    Sorry to hear you are not happy with your Asset Store purchase.

    Can you send us the request with more details via via the ticket form here: ?

    We will look into your issue further as soon as possible. 

  • Derek

    Hello Caleb, John, and Robert. 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the process for Asset refund.

    I'll do my best to address all of your concerns. 

    Firstly, I would like to say that we, Unity care a great deal about giving everyone a fair chance. That being said, a lot of publishers are third party independent developers who often make assets in their spare time. So we need to have a blanket protocol which covers these publishers too. We need to give them a fair amount of time to respond as they may not have the resources to provide a same day response time like some bigger publishers. They also may not be aware of the issues with their asset and it's very much helpful for you to reach out to them to notify them of any issues. They cannot fix these if they are not aware of them.

    Our asset store team are constantly working on making the review process more refined and to make sure that the assets are to a high standard. So thank you for your feedback, I will make sure to pass this along.

    Additionally, if you have any reports of an asset which is below standard, you can contact us to investigate, to see if the asset should indeed be on the store. If you would like to contact us to have a chat about it, please do.

    If you have any concerns regarding a purchase, we deal with these disputes on a case by case basis. 

    Quite often we will be able to put you in touch with publisher quickly as they will be the ones to know how you get the best out of the asset. Or we will be able to escalate the issue to see if a refund is necessary. 

    I understand that you feel this isn't the best method but we are more than happy to assist you if you reach out to us directly on the email:

    I hope this information helps. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns. n h

  • dhanxmhqbx

    If the merchant does not agree to a refund, what will customers think of the resources they have bought and cannot use?

    Don't they feel cheated?

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi dhanxmhqbx,

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Let me take a look at your submitted ticket : #803042

  • Hunan Bean

    This whole thing is absurd on several levels. First off, refund should be able to proceed automatically if the asset was never downloaded and is within a reasonable time period. Second, Unity feels they can lock us into a contract with them, while taking no responsibility for the content of the assets, including but not limited to viruses, false claims, spyware/malicious scripts, and even allowing people to sell assets for something that already exists within the engine! Take the $14 asset to change the FOV of the scene camera :/ glad i did not purchase it. I think any lawyer worth their salt could easily decimate the 'contract'. Don't get me wrong. I think Unity, on many levels, is great. but this really is absurd, and depending on where you are, possibly illegal. feel free to look into how well 'click contracts' have held up in the past.

  • Derek

    Hello Hunan Bean. 

    Derek here from Unity Customer Service here.

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel this isn't a fair process to users. I'll do my best to help clear up any concerns you may have. 

    There are a few things that I would like to mention to help provide a full understanding of why the refund process is the way it is. 

    Firstly, most Assets on our store are created by third party developers who create content for the Store for the Community. Some of them are independent developers who do this in their spare time for the interest of democratizing game development. 

    Out of respect for their hard work they put in, we request all refund/support requests go directly to the Publisher. The reason why an Asset isn't immediately refundable is because many of them are perhaps using this revenue as a source income. If we'd just refund it wouldn't exactly fair to them. 

    The most fair way to process a refund request is to have you reach out to them to see if this is okay. I know this isn't ideal for the users point of view but we would still like to give the Publisher a chance to find out why you don't want the purchase anymore for whatever reason that might be.

    However, at no point are you on your own. If you discover an unsupported Asset or a broken Asset. If you have any issues with it, you can always contact us at 

    If the Asset falls under these three categories, then we can just refund you without the Publisher's permission.

    • The Asset and/or demo was not as advertised. Screenshots will be requested as proof of the Assets not working properly
    • The Asset was not compatible with the most recent official release version of Unity available at the time of purchase, and this information was not provided in the Asset description
    • The Asset includes unauthorized intellectual property

    However, to remain fair to Publisher and users, immediate regret (even if the purchase isn't downloaded) is not an eligible reason for a refund. The reason for this is the Assets should be working "Out of the box" 

    If you believe the Asset is not working as advertised, or in one of the other categories above. Please feel free to reach out to us and we'll investigate it. The Asset store is a humongous place and sometimes Assets can get overlooked, so with the help of our users like yourself we really appreciate you bringing any content to our attention which may not live up to the standard we aim for in the store.

    I hope this message has helped. If you like you can reach out us at and we can discuss this further. 

    All the best.


    Unity Customer Service. 


  • Hunan Bean

    I understand what you are attempting to claim, but that is nonsense. The money has not even been transfered to the asset creator yet. This is according to Unitys payout timeframe.

    That is why i mentioned that caveat 'within a reasonable timeframe'

    "However, to remain fair to Publisher and users, immediate regret (even if the purchase isn't downloaded) is not an eligible reason for a refund. The reason for this is the Assets should be working "Out of the box" "

    Flat out nonsense. The reason being is Unity wants to hold on to any penny they get their hands on (like most companies) Just about any other company that sells software allows a refund within a reasonable time if the product has not been transferred. You are mistaking corporate policy for actual law. Again, in general, Unity is great as a whole. This particular policy is not.

  • Derek

    Hello Hunan Bean. 

    Thanks for getting back to me. 

    I can appreciate your point of view here. I'm sorry to hear you feel that this policy is unfair. I can understand why you might think that.

    Just to let you know - the Publishers can see sales for their Asset happening in their dashboard as they happen. So they are generally aware of any changes to their sales/downloads/revenue etc.

    Additionally Most digital products are created by the Store Providers so it would be easy for other online stores to be able to refund purchases as an immediate regret.

    The Asset store however, is made up of many independent developers who use the store as a platform to sell their content. To make sure the Publishers are informed we ask users to reach out to them if there are any issues. If the asset isn't what is expected then we are more than happy to look into it. 

    Unfortunately at this time, this is the certain process to abide by. however, I do sincerely appreciate your feedback and will make sure you pass it on. :)

    All the best




  • John

    For some reason this thread popped up again so I might as well post a wee update, years on and I still have no resolution on my pirated game assets issue ( in fact to rub salt into the wound, last year the same author was selling the SAME pirated asset again on the store.. yeah )

    It has really soured me on buying any expensive assets on the store and have no bought anything anywhere near as expensive since then



  • Scott Browne

    With every publisher doing it differently it's quite annoying to deal with. I also agree, some form of in-store request for a refund. 

  • Derek

    Hello John.

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that your content has been pirated and still not been taken down

    I can appreciate your point of view here. I can see why this may have soured your Impression of the Asset store.  

    If you have found content of yours being used by a Publisher on our Asset store. You can action this yourself by filing a DMCA takedown notice. To do this, follow the instructions here

    We will then receive a formal action request to remove the copied content within a few working days.

    For more information on DMCA takedown notices, please see the article:

    My asset is being pirated, how can I get the download removed?

    If you have any follow up questions, then please feel free to reach out to us at 

    All the best. 

  • John

    Hi Derek

    Thanks for the reply, I probably phrased it wrongly but the actual problem was a few years ago I bought a collection of models and textures that later turned out to be stolen assets from the a Korean MMO game, of course by that time I had used many of them in my game and spent a few months working with them. 

    Long story short by the time we found out the assets were pirated and therefore unusable in any commercial game and trying in vain to contact the seller, Unity was unable to refund any of the money (as it had been a year I think it was) and suggested I instead go through paypal, which of course means contacting the seller, who as you can imagine has never responded

    The same seller did try selling the same assets a year or so ago and I informed Unity who seem to have taken it back down so as to at least prevent anyone else going through what I had to




  • Derek

    Hi Scott. 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. 

    I appreciate your feedback. I'll make sure to pass this along to our store team. The next time they review the refund process this information will be considered.

    Generally, Publishers go by the same rules if the Asset falls into any of these categories it must be refunded. 

    • The Asset and/or demo was not as advertised
    • The Asset was not compatible with the most recent official release version of Unity available at the time of purchase, and this information was not provided in the Asset description
    • The Asset includes unauthorized intellectual property

    Despite it not working straight out of the box, this doesn’t mean that it’s not as advertised. Out of respect for the Publisher we do allow some leniency in regards to that as often it just takes some slight adjusting in their project with the Publisher advice to get it working.

    If you believe the Asset is genuinely not working as advertised and the Publisher is denying the refund, you can reach out to us at and we can investigate this further. At which point you will need provide us sufficient evidence that the Asset is not working and the refund can be discussed in further detail. 

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. I appreciate your understanding. 

    Please feel free to get back to us there if you have any follow up questions. All the best. 

  • Péter Nádasi

    While I understand your point of view ... this situation is discouraging me to shop in asset stores. So many disappointment I have experienced already.

    You should take some responsibility for your business. I'm sure, you (Unity) earn money from the transactions.

  • Spellbook

    As both an asset store publisher and as a developer who has been using Unity since 2012, we've always felt the refund policy is self-defeating. We regularly do not purchase assets from new or untested publishers because of it, and it has cost Unity tens-of-thousands of dollars in sales from just us alone. It is out of line with industry standards, and also just not ethical. Unity is not being a good corporate citizen here.

    I understand that Unity is concerned about refund abuse, but there are easy ways to mitigate this concern. Audible, for example, has done a fantastic job balancing purchase-to-refund rates which makes users feel comfortable trying out a new author. Their lenient refund policy equates to more revenue for Audible -- Not less.

    The sad thing is that I know I'm not making new arguments here. I'm sure your own employees have been saying this, probably for over a decade. I assume the policy will never change until the CEO changes.


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