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Can I download an Asset without opening the Unity Editor? Is it possible to use Unity Assets within another game engine?



  • Dennis Day

    When using Unity 5.4.1f1 Personal, I try to open the Tanks! tutorial and get this error repeatedly.

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    UnityEditor.DockArea.OnGUI () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/GUI/DockArea.cs:272)


    So I tried opening the downloaded files directly and still will not open.  Please make the Tanks! tutorial compatible.

  • Lara

    Hi Dennis,

    Our Content Team made an update to this asset at the beginning of November - can you try with the latest version? If you still receive an error, please contact us using the contact form to the top right of the page.

    Many thanks!

  • Malachai Russell

    When I try to open and asset from the asset store, it does not open in unity or download any files. What can i do to fix this?

  • Lily

    Hi Malachai,

    To download an asset you have purchased, you will need to open the Unity Editor, find the in editor Asset Store, and log in with the Unity account that you purchased your assets with.

    You can then search for your asset, and will be able to click the download button!

    If you are still having issues, please contact '' with your Unity account email, the name of the asset you are trying to download and screen shot of any error messages.

  • Marc Silberkleit

    I am new to unity I have 5.5 and I added a tutorial to my cart .. it says open in unity I click it and unity starts but no download.. I do not have anything in unity that says asset store I have Projects and Get Started .. a sub menu of On Disk  and In the cloud and a new and open button next to my account.


    I do not understand how I download this tutorial.


  • Lily

    Hi Marc,

    When you download a tutorial, you should be greeted with a screen asking you to 'Add to Downloads'. This will then show in your online download manager.

    When you click the 'Open in Unity' button this will open the Editor. At this point, you will need to go to your in Editor download manager. This is accessed by the download button on the top bar of the editor (next to the shopping cart!)

    From here, you will be able to press the download and import buttons!

  • Justin Parker

    This stumped me at first. The short is that you need to have the unity editor completely open.

    Open Unity, create a new project, and then use the "Open in Unity" link from the download section of the Asset Store.


  • Pippala Games

    "From these locations, you can drag and drop them into other projects, or even other engines if you wish to."
    The downloaded file found in the Asset Store folder is in "unitypackage". format. Which is not readily usable. Is importing the assets to an Unity project and dragging them out, the only way to get access to the assets?

  • Luke Meeken

    The steps listed above are incomplete and unhelpful - and I had to Google this page to find them, rather than have instructions on the actual asset store where they should be.

    In reality, step 1 should not just be "open the editor," but "1- Open Unity" "2- create a new Unity project, or open an existing project into which to import the asset(s)".

    And at the end, after downloading the asset, it should be made clear that you then import it into the currently open project.

    Until I read Justin's comment, I did the straightforward, expected thing, of clicking the "open in Unity" button, only to see Unity pop open to its welcome screen, without opening anything.

  • Mattias Johansson

    We need som more clarification on this. I want to buy some skyboxes from the assets store to use in a webpage. Before I buy anything I want to be sure this works.
    I followed the instructions above and have downloaded this free skybox assets

    I finder of my Mac I find this folder

    /Users/xxxxx/Library/Unity/Asset Store-5.x/Avionx

    With a file called Skybox Series Free.unitypackage

    If I change .unitypackage to .zip I can unpack this file, but it only contains previews of the skyboxes and is of no use. Where are the actual files located?

    I have loaded a project with the skyboxes in place so they must be somewhere on my HD.

    Please clarify


  • Tony Ventura

    I found a model that worked perfectly for what I needed however I do not plan to use unity at all, and to say that it is quick and easy to get running is not really true, as my installation required a visual studio installation and the whole thing took 30 minuets to a hour. All this installing just to uninstall it after because I don't need the program.

    EDIT: After the hour install the unity program had a license verification problem which took another half hour to solve. after that the assets wouldn't even download. I would go into the asset store and after clicking download it would say 0% then Error. I'm about to just contact the artist and ask if he can send me the files outside of the program. 

    A lot of work for a few models, Probably the last time I will buy something from the unity store I guess.

    Its just a shame thinking of all the customers you lose because you don't want to have a simple download link but rather require the installation of large software.

  • Tim Wilson

    So disappointed with Unity.  They make you jump through hours of hoops to get the sprite pack you buy by making you download their stuff to even open their proprietary files.  Very frustrating as Unity's terrible software is not only heavy, but hard to navigate.  What's worse, there's no instructions from Unity on how to get what you paid for, you have to rely on all the other people whose time Unity has wasted.

    Don't support this awful company.

  • AcuTra Studio

    After all this year... I don't understand why unity asset store doesn't  have resume or pause when download an asset... problem if, when you disconnected during download , you have to start download at beginning again... waste my time... 

  • Lily

    Hi All,

    I appreciate your frustrations and thank you for your feedback on the download process.

    If you have specific feature requests that you believe would make the download experience on the Asset Store better, I would advise posting these suggestion on our feedback page. Here, other Unity users can vote on ideas or comments that they too feel could be improved!


  • Loxaan Oxyde

    - Hard to reach the download page.

      - Requires to accept the Unity license.

        - You asking that from us might be illegal. (Steam suffered from corrections recently and I think their case was way better than your's.)

    - Download a downloader, not an installer.

    - Takes at absolute minimum 1.8Gb of disk space - I absolutely don't have that for something as buggy as Unity Engine.

    All of that to download some audio files.

    I won't download them.

    I hate you Unity Technologies.

  • Tony Morrill

    Chiming in with the others that HATE this change to the asset store.  I DO use Unity and I wouldn't mind if the option to open a purchased asset in Unity sat next to the option to download that asset directly.  But to FORCE me to always open Unity and launch or create a project just to grab an asset I bought is beyond stupid... what a waste of my time to grab a small $3 model I just bought.

    Unless this changes I'll deal with the crap on Turbosquid before I come back to the Unity asset store...

    Edit: So I did go to the Unity feedback site and found this post calling for the asset store to reinstate the direct download option.  I put all 10 of my votes on it.  I recommend that anyone who has found this discussion thread because they were as frustrated as I am to follow this link and put more votes into it.

  • Junk Mail

    Using the Unity Asset Store inside the Unity Editor, especially when viewing/updating/downloading my purchases, has literally become impossible.   I open the Unity Editor, I open the Asset Store window, I click the My Downloads icon (to list all my purchases)...and I wait.   And I wait.  And I wait.  Sometimes an hour.   It has become a major task to purchase from your service, and even worse to update what I've already purchased.

    I do have a lot of assets/purchases on my account, but that should not make your system unusable.



  • Bashkim Blaku

    I have figured out how to access files bought from the unity store and extract them for use somewhere else. 

    You have to download and install unity. Create a new project. 

    Go to asset store via a web browser. Go to the page where it stores your orders. Click open in unity. It should open in unity. Then within unity, it will show the asset store again and it will show the files you purchased. Select download. 

    You've now downloaded the files. Go to C:/Users/(your user name)/AppData(hidden)/Roaming/Unity/Asset Store

    Note above that Appdata is hidden. Make sure you can view hidden files. 

    When you find the unity package in the folder above it will be a unity file. Open it. Unity will prompt you to import. Import all of the files. 

    Once you've imported them, right click on one of the files within unity. I can be any file, doesn't matter. Then select "Show in Explorer". It will now open up the file location of the files. You can manually extract them from there. Hope this helps. 

    This was my first experience with Unity. If i can help it, it will be my last. This was not a comfortable experience. 

  • Ciprian Alex Cornila

    screw unity! just  bought some assets and cannot get access to  the files I just purchase I need to install unity to access the files I just purchased screw that it was not of the deal. take your business some other place.

  • Liz Kimber

    The problem is some networks have token based proxy servers and wont work with unity - so unless unity ups its game and supports web proxys like VS does, and most applications do, this means no packages or asset packs for me

  • Maru

    Hi Ciprian,

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that you are frustrated with regards to the download process.

    For the moment, using the Unity editor is the only way to download asset files. If you have made these purchases in your browser, your purchase is linked to your account so logging into the editor will show your purchase to download with a click of a button.



    Hi Liz,

    Your feedback is most appreciated - I understand that this can be frustrating. I can only advise at this stage that this is something we are aware of and want to resolve so users behind these networks can download their purchases.

    Once we have more news on this, we will be sure to share this with our users.

  • Neutrino Sunset

    The process for downloading assets and referencing them from a project is ludicrous. I'm trying to start the Space Shooter tutorial. The Hub provides a starter project for this but the online instructions start from an empty project and I haven't found any way to save a tutorial project opened from the hub to a desired location, so I'm trying to create the project from scratch as descibed in the instructions.

    I searched for and found the assets in the asset store from my browser and clicked 'Add to my assets' and they now appear as if I have 'purchased' them. But if I open a Unity project and attempt to reference the assets from there they do not appear in my account.

    So I worked out that it appears that I have to manually create a list, and then add assets that I've already added to 'My Assets' in the store to the manually created list.

    Now I can see the asset I've added from within a Unity project, but instead of any option to download or install the asset I only have the option to 'Update' it, which makes no sense whatsoever as when I view the asset from my browser I have the option to 'Open in Unity'.

    This whole process is ridiculously badly thought out and implemented. I went through the entire set of starter tutorials in less than half the time it's taken me so far to work out how to add a free set of assets to a new project.

    Please improve this idiotic process.

  • Tod

     I recently acquired Unity and have started trying to teach myself to use it. I am curious.... after an asset or asset pack has been downloaded, is there a reason it wouldn't be visible in the assets> import package> area of the menu? Although I have downloaded several dozen assets for use in creation the only option available to me under that tab in the menu is custom package. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and regardless, thanks for the awesome program.

  • Liz Kimber

    @tod - assets dont show in a menu persay.

    by default at the top, it says scene, game, asset store, inside there are the asset store web view, however, inside it is also right at the top of that window in a teeny icon it looks like a folder, which says "My assets" if you click on that you can import them, they then appear in the assets of your current project.. You can import them into as many projects as you like (btw) but you have to import them



  • Wisdom Abiodun Allen

    Assets downloading don't start. It stays in downloading for a whole day without initiating any download. What can I do to download even a 2D asset that does not start?

  • Bradley Higgs

    Asset store is a bizarre broken mess. It's not clear why they're making this process as painful as possible but all I can is Unreal Engine must be horrific if this is the standard Unity keeps.

  • Robert E Skyler

    Unity believes that despite their environment being unusable junk that becomes more walled off everyday, that they can hold us in servitude, if they force us to keep their program installed to download what you own. Don't forget that. You own it. A download of it is one button away, on their website. And this is just 1 of a 1000 reasons you don't dev with Unity any longer.

    Yet we always look forward to an asset update, and I know of myself, I cant view it without unity. They need to pursue a download first policy. Building walls only keeps people out. I have no interest in using Unity ever again, but I do wonder what new updates to my favorites assets I am missing.

    Put the horse back in front of the cart Unity...

  • Jody Ruben

    Hi, i think unity should make the asset store packages can be downloaded from unity asset store website since asset store from project sometimes give me an error while downloading my owned asset stuck at 0% forever, and relocate the location since it really cost my C

  • Robert Shum

    If I downloaded 3.5gb assets (all music files) from one source, why on earth do I have to import via unity to my existing project, only to remove all of the music files into another external folder, and then re-import the ones I want?

    I don't want EVERY single file in my unity project, I just want a few songs for now.  Why is the download asset button never enabled?  I only have the option to import.

  • lukesnyder

    I got a question

    how can i open a project without re-downloading it


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