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Can I use assets from the Asset Store in my commercial game?



  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Antony & Nathan

    I am sorry for any confusion caused by previous comment, and I left new comment for further clarification

    Extension assets are part of your project to add functionality to the Unity editor. You are allowed to ship editor extension code or assets with your product but you cannot resell this original editor extension asset by modifying its original source code inside. Using provided demo sample scene in this asset without any modification is not also allowed.

    For more information, please reach out to us via, and we will look into your query further with relevant team. 

  • Kanitha J A Antony

    Hi AJ_KR

    Thank you for the response that helps a lot! 

    Have a good one

    Kind Regards

  • Marcos Gomez


    I think my question is related to this subject.

    Can I modify an asset that I purchased in the asset store just to make it more "original"?

    And by modify I mean changes it's color, shape, or add features.

    Thank you in advance

  • aronkan

    how to know if that asset is non-restricted or restricted?

    for example

    it didn't say anything in the description, so is this consider a non-restricted asset?


  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Aronkan,

    Thank you for the post. 

    I've checked that the asset you mention is a non-restricted asset, and yon can free to download it for your project. 

    I hope it helps !


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