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Why do I get a "All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode!" error?



  • Benchyy

    all of my code is correct but it still keeps coming up with compiler errors but it doesnt flag any. does anyone know ho to fix this becuase my code is correct and ive been trying to figure out what is wrong with it for over a month.


  • No Name

    Im having exactly the same problem as Kyle Katarn (Ive the 19.3.9f1 edition)

  • Trincom

    It can happened that you get your Unity Project into a corrupted state. This can happen for instance if you rename files without waiting for Unity to complete compiling, changing namespace names or having different file and class names.

    If no errors show up in your console you can always try to build your project in Visual Studios under Build > Build Solution.

    This helped me to find out why Unity was not compiling and allowed me to get back into play mode.

  • Rob Milligan

    Same exact error. This worked for me:

    In Unity, go to Window > Package Manager > Universal RP and update to 7.3.1

    I found this solution because someone else did the opposite and downgraded from 7.3.1 to 7.1.8. So mileage may vary. For me, upgrading worked.

  • No Name

    Yo that worked for me man thx

  • Sanjay Purswani

    Rob's answer above does not work for me. The problem is with Unity 2019, install 2018 and use that instead.

  • Daniel Tunc

    Rob's answer worked for me, upgrading fixed it! 

  • Knives

    Thanks Dorin....

    Link needs to be updated, though.

  • Aeron James Salvatierra

    Is there a way to prevent the compiler from compiling if there are compiler errors? Its annoying that I'm allowed to compile but not allowed to test anyways

  • agustina iriyanti


    how to overcome this? when I import standard assets and when playing an error occurs

  • Dakota Frye

    I just loaded up the fps microgame and i have 125 errors why did this happen

  • SharkTheShark

    I have done completely nothing on my project and when i try and run it says all compiler errors have to be fixed error code cs 1056 Unexpected character '
    I haven't written any script yet so please can someone help? 

  • chokmok

    i have this problem too even though i haven't scripted at all there seems to be an error that does not let me go in play mode.

  • xeekmyers

    So, cause of these errors is; errors in code.
    Solution is fix the code...
    My cunundrum is the error is showing up in a blank set up. So why is this happening before I alter any coding or build any terrain? Am I missing somthing, I use unreal normally but I want to try unity out and maybe switch. I am a complete novist btw.

  • ayan gogoi

  • john green

    Any one who has this problem,


    'Library/ScriptAssemblies/UnityEngine.TestRunner.dll' failed

    you have 2 Trojans on your computer that are downloading bitcoin you need to dl this program run it do the free trial version, set up and scan your computer it will find the 2 Trojans then press the quarantine button, then close unity and open it, the problem is gone, the program costs $30 for the full version but it gives you a 30 day trial, I am 100% going to buy this when the trial runs out. If any one is trying to do the fps microgame tutorials and can get the play button two start because of the two errors this is the fix its them lil bloody Trojans stopping you from getting ahead in unity. hope this helps.



  • Thunder Parth

    I also having same issue in 2019 unity version , I watch some solution but in 2019 unity version if we go in project settings>player>configaration>iam not getting script running time. Please help me. If any one has solutions they will be greatly appreciated.

  • zimmboyz

    I don't have any errors in the console but it still won't let me play.

  • James Leach

    I just installed 2019.4.16.f1 and was able to fix the compiler error by going to Window>Package Manager>Universal RP and selecting 7.5.1 and installing it. 

  • santirevecolepe

    I'm having the exact problem, too!

  • ahmedaniss

    problem fixed here :


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