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Why do I get a "All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode!" error?



  • Elijah White

    Might I be getting this error or a similar error if I had misspelled a key name in "input.GetKeyDown()"? Or maybe it's all-caps and it's supposed to be all lower-case?

  • Rawal App786

    i am opening unity and 4 error this types on my display to console


  • Anonymus Fun

    Me too, instantly when i open it shows me this


  • Traumend Tenshi

    same here, and its a totally new proyect (havent touch a thing)

  • Mags

    I'm making a Roll a ball game using the video tutorials and I literally did everything he said to do, copied and corrected the codes and all, but it still says it. I'm crappy at coding myself, so I honestly have no idea what part I coded wrong....

  • Garrett Deblois

    I was able to find a fix for this 4 blank errors issues. See my post here:

  • Shea Duarte

    I was having the same issue with the four compiler errors showing up on all my projects out of the blue, even new ones. The solution for me was to update my assets package (remove the old one and download the new one). I was using an outdated one and when Unity updated the old sample assets were not compatible.

  • Richard Targett

    I cant get the PlayerController to goto Player in the Camera Script.

    If thats not the problem, it says this in the errors.

  • Maru

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your messages. I'm sorry to hear that you folks are having issues.

    I can recommend that the thread Garrett posted on the 31st December does seem to address the majority of the issues posted here. If you are still experiencing any issues with this, please do not hesitate to post on our forums for technical assistance at

    Alternatively, if you believe that this may be a bug, please feel free to follow the process outlined at for details on how to submit a bug report.

  • William Keating

    You are saying fix the problems I already know I have to do that not helpful

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  • Jude McAuley Cotter

    What worked for me in the 2d game tutorial which I found on another thread was to go to Edit > Project Settings > Player tab > Expand "Other Settings" and change the "Scripting Runtime Version*" from ".NET 3.5 equivalent (Deprecated)"  to ".NET 4.x Equivalent" . 

    The original answer I found asked to do the reverse of this, but this is what worked on my iMac running Unity 2018.3.4. Hope it helps someone else.

  • Daniel Brazell

    Unity isn't even giving me any errors. I was able to enter playmode earlier and it suddenly stopped working right when I needed it to work for my school assignment. I attempted Jude McAuley Cotter's solution to no avail. (My game is also 3D)

  • satyajeet

    go to Edit > Project Settings > Player tab > Expand "Other Settings" and change the "Scripting Runtime Version*" from NET 4.x Equivalent" to ".NET 3.5 "  

  • Eduardo Hernandez Hernandez

    this happens to me, by only opening Unity, why does this happens? it's because of my computer?

  • Maru

    Hi Eduardo,

    I've had a look into this and from what I can see, the error you are getting is part of a bug with the particular version of Unity that you are using.

    If you upgrade to a patch higher than what you have now, the error should disappear. In the event that it does not, please do not hesitate to come back to me.

  • Nandakishore P

    I think you didnt installed all the standard assets check in console what is the problem and then I also had a problem of this same That was I didnt installed crossplatform . Sorry for my english.

  • Nben


    Everything was working perfect, and then I changed the build settings from PC, Mac and Linux to mobile. Suddenly it didn't work. Changed back to PC, Mac and Linux, and still. It says I have to resolve all compiler errors, but there are none. I also can't see my console anymore for some reason.

  • Kamran Abbasov

    I had problem in windows 7, so I found how to fix 4 blank error problem, you need only update the windows and then all wil lwork correct without errors..

    And addition I want to say when you install unity on unityhub after installation you can see that writing sentence about update windows kb231345( numbers not real I forgot )  so this is your problem, I think most users made dismiss and not see this, and this is problem blank error,thanks all, hope this will help more users.

  • Sabrine Renault

    OOH THANKS MARUU <3 <3 i love you

  • Tech Bro

    Unity is showing this error in every script even when i am using standard assets or any asset this error cames (unity 2019.1)

  • martin smith

    ok this is a problem why is this code wrong?:



    using UnityEngine;

    public class MovementScript : MonoBehaviour

    public Rigidbody rb;

    public float ForwardForce = 2000f;


    // Update is called once per frame
    void FixedUpdate()
    rb.AddForce(0, 0, ForwardForce * Time.deltaTime);

    if (Input.GetKey("d"))
    500, *Time.deltaTime, 0, 0);

  • Dorin GRIGORE

    For Linux Ubuntu the fix is:

    sudo dpkg -i libssl1.0.0_1.0.2n-1ubuntu6_amd64.deb

  • Mads Hvelplund

    The Ubuntu fix worked for me.

  • Amr Elmenayer

    Thnx Dorin for Ubuntu solution.

  • mohammed mosawi

    it is very easy  at the first time  do with me step by step

    go to  control panel > Region > Administrative > change System local > change to  English unites state    and restart windows   

    you will not get any error   when you create new c# script 


  • Kai Dodson

    Is it possible to turn off this feature? I am trying to make an intentionally broken game and I would like to be able to run with programming errors

  • Dipal Zambare


    I was getting this error for the empty project.

    @Dorin GRIGORE. Thanks your fix worked perfectly for,

    Unity 2019.2.17f


    Kubuntu 19.04

  • Timothy Burns

    Same as everyone else. All I have is some basic terrain and I get this error

  • Kyle Katarn

    I'm trying to do the Beginner Code tutorial and I got to section 8 part 3 where it says to play the game. As soon as I go to play the game I get this error:

    Library\PackageCache\com.unity.render-pipelines.universal@7.1.8\Editor\UniversalRenderPipelineCameraEditor.cs(1049,57): error CS0535: 'UniversalRenderPipelineCameraContextualMenu' does not implement interface member 'IRemoveAdditionalDataContextualMenu<Camera>.RemoveComponent(Camera, IEnumerable<Component>)'

    I literally have not touched a piece of code, what do I do? I would love to actually do this tutorial.

    This is a link to the exact tutorial that I am doing

  • benbeart

    Kyle^ i am having this exact issue today. 


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