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My Asset Store payout has not been sent



  • Malith Withanage

    I still didn't get my payment which was due on April 15th. And I have been waiting for 4 days now. I have properly set my Payout Profile and have the Bank Transfer method set to it.

    Almost a week ago I received an email from Unity saying that "Unity Asset Store Payout Request Approved". And I can see under the "Transaction History" "Payouts" I have my payout with the "Status" set to "In Progress" and its "Due Date" set to "April 15, 2023". So far I didn't receive any emails or anything regarding the delay or if there is any issue. Should I contact support? Can I know when to expect my payout?

  • Marcus Vinicius da Silva

    I still haven't received my payment, "due date" on the 15th, was already 5 days late, I'm desperate with my debts.

  • Matvey Pryadko

    Same problem. I received an email saying that the payment will be on the 15th. I read that PayPal can delay up to the 21st, but I am writing this appeal on the 22nd, where can I contact support?

  • V Mag

    Same here, still waiting. Last time payment was delayed was January 2023, got the money on 19th. Today is April 23rd.

  • GapperGames

    I have had the same problems as everyone else it seems. No payment until the 19th in January 2023, and now in April 2023 it's the 23rd and still no payment. Another thing that I'm curious if other people experienced is as follows: in January, as soon as the 15th came, my sales completely stopped for multiple days. The same thing happened in April. For reference, I was making multiple sales a day up until they stopped.

  • V Mag

    My sales didn't stop, had items sold almost every day from 15th to 22nd. Although, in past there once was an issue that my existing sales disappeared from sales report, and in a day or two  got back into the list.

    For last year Unity support and review times have been horrible. 30 business days to review an asset, and over 2 months to reply to a support ticket. Unity still charges 30% from revenue (other stores went to 12%), but support is getting worse and worse. 


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