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How do I disable my Unity account?



  • Darby Gillespie

    I'm not a Unity Worker I've been playing Nonstop 140+ hours to win my earnings I don't know what happened it's paying everyone else except Me and resetting my payout Timer I need a Lawyer

  • Derek

    Hello Darby.

    Derek from Unity Customer Service here. Thanks for reaching out to us. 

    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing difficulty with games made by our engine. I'll do my best to help clear up any concerns you may have. 

    Just to let you know, we don't make games. We make the software that game developers procure from us to make games on.

    Since we only provide the tool in which developers use to create the game, in this instance - I recommend going to the page on which you purchased the game and contacting the Publishers or Developers of the games you are having issues with.

    All the best. 


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