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How do I merge accounts?



  • Nathaniel Hatten

    This is a horrible answer. If I purchase 10x assets as an individual and use them then suddenly make more than $100k so I need to upgrade to pro, and so I start a company, I can't directly translate my assets under the new "Organization" within Unity. There's a whole discussion thread around this.

    This needs to be better addressed.

  • Tony Lovell

    I agree that this is unacceptable.  I wound up with two accounts long ago due to issues with Unity's own security.  Now, I am entirely unable to access one of the accounts due to bugs in the Unity editor and Package Manager.

    My purchases are being held beyond my reach, and the answer seems to be "we choose not to permit this".


  • Jarvis

    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for getting back in touch.

    I completely understand where you are coming from and you do raise some valid points around asset management. I will be sure to pass your feedback on to our development team for consideration in future updates to Unity.

    I believe part of the reason why this functionality has not already been added is because of potential security issues. For example, if the purchasing user's account or login details were compromised without their knowledge, a malicious user could migrate and accept the transfer of all of their assets to another account.

    This is just hypothetical of course, but when it comes to subjects of this kind, our development teams have to consider all angles and eventualities, to ensure our user's accounts and purchases are safe.

    I will pass your feedback on to ensure your voice is heard. If there is anything else you need in the meantime, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

  • Rob Merrick

    Yes, I'm well aware that a chargeback isn't a real solution to the problem. My comment was a sarcastic remark about how the proposed solution doesn't fix the problem. It merely transfers the responsibility to the publisher.

    I've reached out to the publisher, and fortunately, they were more than willing to work with me to sort this out. But what's a shame is that I had to contact them in the first place - I should be able to transfer the purchased asset to another account.

    A real solution for this problem would be to allow for the transfer of purchased assets from one account to another. Here's a proposed process flow:

    1. The account owner of the purchased asset can invite another account to take ownership of the asset. This can be done via an Account ID search.

    2. When the other account owner logs in, they will see that the original owner wants to transfer the purchased asset. The new owner can now take one of two actions:

        A) Accept the transfer. Ownership is now migrated to the new account. The old account no longer has access to the asset, including in the package manager.

       B) Decline the transfer. No changes happen.

    The net result is that there was a single purchase of the asset, and in the end, only a single user has access to the asset in the package manager. I'm not sure why this would be a legal restriction. Note that the proposed solution of downloading the asset to a common folder and then re-importing it manually into Unity is a form of file sharing, which I would think would be more likely to run into legal trouble than just being able to transfer ownership of an asset.

  • Rob Merrick

    This isn't an acceptable solution. I literally just made a purchase on the asset store without realizing that I was signed in to an old account, and now I have no way to transfer it to the correct account.

    So, what now? Should this purchased asset just live in digital limbo now? Am I always going to have to re-import this asset into new projects, breaking the entire flow of Unity's package manager?

    Maybe a better answer is to issue a chargeback on the card and purchase it again under the correct account. That would be good for Unity's business, no?

  • Brian Lee Williams

    i was facing this issue as i just started with a new employer, and i couldn't connect to any of my purchased assets since i was assigned a "seat" in their organization. no matter how many times i switched accounts, it kept flipping back, BUT...

    I found a pretty clean solution...I made a new user on my machine (mac os monterey) and when i switch users, i can connect all my projects to the asset store for updates. I just set up unity hub differently for the second user.

    I can still run everything with my main user account, i only switch accounts when i need to use package manager. everything's using the same files, same version of unity hub.

  • Jarvis

    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I am sorry to hear that you purchased an asset from our store under the wrong Unity account. I do understand that this must be frustrating for you.

    Unfortunately, as mentioned in this article, you cannot merge or transfer accounts/licenses or assets. However, what you can do is contact the Publisher of the asset to request a refund, so that you can repurchase it under your correct Unity account.

    You can find the Publishers contact information on the Asset Store page for their product. They will have either a contact email address or a support website listed publicly, or in most cases both.

    I must advise you that raising a chargeback against a company or purchase should only ever be used if the purchase was fraudulent. By raising a chargeback against Unity you are claiming that you did not make this purchase and have no knowledge of it being made.

    If your Payments Team detect a chargeback against an account, it will be immediately suspended until you have reversed the chargeback and settled the account. Chargebacks are never to be used to general refund requests or payment issues of any kind, other than if you have been a victim of fraud, as chargebacks are taken very seriously.

    I hope this has been helpful for you and if there is anything else you need in the meantime, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

  • Jarvis

    Hello Tony,

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that there has been an issue with your Unity account, I would be happy to help you get this sorted.

    Just to put you at ease here, Unity account access is not related or linked to the Editor or the Package Manager, so I am not quite sure what you are referring to there sorry.

    If you are experiencing an issue with your Unity account or you are unable to access your Assets, I would highly recommend contacting our Support Team so that we can help you with this. You can either submit a ticket or email us directly at

    I hope this helps!


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