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Why can’t I download an Asset?



  • Jani

    My unity engine has not been able to access the store. No one seems to have answers on how to fix this. I do not have a proxy or a firewall. I have great internet and my unity sometimes struggles to connect to my account but at least does it after opening and closing and turning wifi on and off. But I cannot access the asset store. Is there seriously o alternative to download ths than to beg the forums for help. (in which i have not been able to find a solution)

  • Lily

    Hi Jani! Sorry to hear you are having some problems downloading your asset.

    From your description, it sounds like this problem may be specific to your machine set up. Usually this issue is caused by something blocking the connection such as a proxy, firewall or internet security system.

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please email our Support team on '' to discuss this further.

  • Karl Schulmeisters

    I have an invoice that reads
    Unity Plus
    Subscription End Date. (one year out)
    Payment Period (current month)
    Essential Pack:

    and yet if I try to download that pack in my Unity editor, I get a prompt to pay for it


  • Lily

    Hey Karl,

    Sorry to hear you have had some problems downloading your Essentials Pack. I can see that you have created a support ticket and one of the team will be able to help you out!

    Please make sure you provide them with your subscription details and Unity account, so they are able to investigate promptly! :)

  • Felipe Mndz Masz

    I bought an asset some years ago but i can`t download it please help me


  • Carstein

    Cannot download asset I just brought. What can I do?

    Even I opened Assetstore in Unity and clicik "download" button, it just keep loading and no responses.

    If you don't allow me to download, can you give me back the money?

    MAC OS Mojave

    Unity 5.6.1f1 

  • Noah Ryan Rygale Deimer

    hey i have a problem when i open the asset store in unity it says "you are currently offline you must be online in order to download content from the asset store. Existing download content may still be  imported into your current project". there are several things wrong with this. 1) I am loged in and i am online I'm looking at it while writing this comment. 2) it only opened up this error code only when i tried to download an asset

    if i could get some advice on what to do that would be awsome

  • shaun neal

    Same as above - purchased many assets - recently installed latest version of Unity, am signed in and can see them all in asset store, click on "download" it goes to 100% then returns to "download", never installs.  This is why people use Unreal...

  • Hazel

    Hi Felipe,

    I would suggest you to update/download your Unity to the latest version and try downloading the asset once again.

    If the asset fail to download, the problem may be specific to your machine set up. Usually this issue is caused by something blocking the connection such as a proxy, firewall or internet security system.

    Thus, please follow the steps in the article above to check on your internet connection.

    If you are still experiencing this issue after trying the suggestion, please email our Support team on '' to discuss this further.


  • Hazel

    Hi Shaun,

    Sorry to hear you are having some problems downloading your asset.

    From your description, it sounds like this problem may be specific to your machine set up. Usually this issue is caused by something blocking the connection such as a proxy, firewall or internet security system.

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please email our Support team on '' to discuss this further.

  • 万豪甫

    Cannot download asset I just brought, an the name is "Polaris V2 - Ultimate Low Poly Terrain Engine". 

    Even I opened asset store in Unity and click "download" button, it just keep loading and no responses, the progress is always 0.

    Even I try again many times, it still cannot download.

    Even I restart unity, re-login my account, restart my computer, reconnect my network, it still cannot download.

    But I can download the other assets which is cheaper or free, so I am pretty sure it is not my issue.

    Windows Unity2018.3.14f1 

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi 万豪甫

    Thanks for the comment and and I'm sorry to hear about this!

    In regards to your query, I tried downloading the asset, I was able to download it. Can you check your firewall, proxy, anti-virus software please? since it can be connection issue.

    1) You have a firewall or proxy in place. These can block the connection to our servers. Please try allowing these ports in your settings: 80 and 443.

    2) You have an anti-virus software that is blocking the connection. Please try disabling this and seeing if the activation will work.

    3 You have a weak or intermittent Internet connection. You can check your connection through many speed check sites such as Speed Test. If you do experience weak or intermittent connection issues, speak to your ISP or Network Administrator for further assistance.

    If this doesn't help, perhaps try downgrading to the most recent stable version of the Unity Editor which is 2019.1.9 as 2019.3 is still in alpha! but if you are still having problems, do feel free to open a support ticket with us!

  • Violet Luna

    I have imported standard assets on asset store on Unity, and there was a folder named 'Standard Assets' in Unity folder, but they are all empty and could not use it on Unity. How can I solve this problem?

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Violet, 

    Thanks for the comment, 

    I've tested it by importing standard assets on asset store via Unity editor and can see all the files in the standard assets folder. Can you double check if you fully finish 'import' process after downloading it? Please send us query via if the issue still persists. 

  • Matthew Christian Miller

    help i have assets in the web browser but when i try to use them in the unity editor it says i have no assets. i know i have 3 assets in web browser.

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Matthew, 

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Looking into your unity account, I am not able to find any asset purchase record. Do you have any other account that was used to purchase the asset ?

    Any purchased asset can be found at My asset via Unity editor, and of course, free asset can be downloaded without purchasing it like the attached screenshot file. 

    Please reach out to if the issue still persists.



  • Teddy McMillan

    I just purchased the Forest Environment asset from the store and cannot download it.  I can log from outside of the editor, but not inside.  Here is the message that I keep getting:

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Teddy,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble signing in. 

    An update to the Google sign in unfortunately blocked some users from accessing the Unity HUB. Here is the temporary work around. 

    When you try to login outside Unity editor, can you just input your gmail address and password instead of clicking 'Sign in with google' like the attached below screenshot file?

    If you still cannot login with above suggestion, can you reset your password for your Unity account attached to your Google e-mail?

    I hope it helps. 


  • Matt Bateman

    "Needs Unity upgrade to version 2018.2.5"

    No, I don't WANT to upgrade! That takes too much time and effort! Just let me download the damn asset, I can fix any incompatibilities myself! FFS! Why is there NO way to bypass this??

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Matt, 

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Can you send us request with the name of asset you wish to download ? Please reach out to us via, then we will look into your issue further. 


  • Dylan Valentine

    The above information is now incorrect.

    The assets store tab just states the Asset Store has moved and that purchases are available in the package manager.

    The package manager only shows 15 packages by default. You need to click a 'load next 50 100' option, in order to continue viewing all your packages and assets.

    You can also open a web browser, go to the online asset store, which still functions as expected.

    Then, you can click 'Open in Unity'.

    The purchased asset then gets added to the view-able list in package manager, without having to manually load the list ahead of time.

    Edited for accuracy.


  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Dylan, 

    Thanks for your comment. 

    Can you let us know more about 'purchases are available in the package manager' ?

    Do you mean this package manager in the editor ?

    We will be appreciated if you can leave screenshot of it or send it to so that we can investigate this issue further.

  • Dylan Valentine

    Yes, exactly. 

    Moving forward, it seems Package Manager will be responsible for all packages from both Unity and 3rd party developers.

    I realized I only see this using Unity 2020 which is still in beta. So, it's most likely something that won't be seen in release.


  • James Berlus

    Why i can not download "Recorder" asset from the asset store, i follow a tutorial a can't find Recorder to download for free

  • Lily

    Hi James! Sorry to hear you are having some problems downloading an asset!

    Do you have a link to the asset that you want to download? If so, submit a ticket with our Customer Service team, to see if you have the entitlements for this.

    If you cant find the asset on the store from your tutorial, it likely that this has been deprecated by the owner.

    Let us know if theres anything else we can do to help :) 

  • yannnni

    I bought the asset, click to download, it has been 0%, I checked my network is no problem, the anti-virus software shut down, restart the computer, it is still unable to download, has been no progress, I can download other asset, just one asset that I bought today can't download.what can I do, can you give me a refund?


    Some assets can not be downloaded.
    We tried 5 more computers and 3 different networks,or Unity editor versions (2019.1-2-3,2018.4),progress stoped at 0% forever.
    There are some clue we can provide:

    1) When click Download Button in Unity Editor AssetStore Page, C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\ SomeNames
    2 files continued exist about 5 seconds (1 json 1 tmpFile) then disappeared.

    2)Some Assets are completely normal, include a 3.6G 200hdrSky asset / Pro Camera 2D / Playmaker / Odin - Inspector and Serializer.

    3) Abnormal assets :
    Space Combat Kit / Quest Machine / Amplify Shader Editor / Volumetric Fog & Mist 2 / Dialogue System for Unity

    4)All Abnormal assets bought in Spring sale.

    We are really look forward to your help.
    Best Regards.

  • Hazel

    Hi everyone,

    The issue with asset download have been fixed and you can proceed to download the assets now.

    Please reach out to us via if you have any other question or need further assistance.

  • Gabrelik

    This has literally been the most ridiculous, time consuming, and unnecessary experience I've ever dealt with. All I wanted was a few effing assets. BOUGHT them. Paid legitimate, hard-earned, real life, non-Monopoly money. Can I download these assets? No. Customer service has been another huge waste of time, and I've resorted to the forums for help. Nuts, I know. I have to install the engine first, then I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make that happen, THEN import the asset from the story within the engine, then FINALLY figure out that the only way to ACTUALLY transfer the files into a simple folder on my computer, was to drag and drop them from the Asset window in said engine. This was my first real experience with Unity. It will also be my last. If this is a preview of what to expect with your engine, I'll go with Unreal and happily pass the word for others to do the same. Thanks, but this sucked. Probably not fair to rate an entire engine on this experience, but it is what it is. 

  • Mesha Hylton

    PackageManager] Error System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to call Unity ID to get auth code.
    UnityEditor.AsyncHTTPClient:Done(State, Int32) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/AsyncHTTPClient.cs:246)


    I get this error when I open my project 


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