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Why does the Asset Store say I am offline?



  • Scott Hulley

    Didn't fix the problem. It loads but after loading and showing I am online in the top right corner of the AssetStore it says I am offline.

  • Thanh Ngo

    Here is how I fixed this issue in Unity 2017:

    (1) Log out of your Unity account:

    Go To "Unity" menu -> click on "Manage License" -> Click on "My Account" -> Click on "Sign out".

    (2) Then exit Unity application.

    (3) Relaunch Unity.

    (4) Try to logon to your Unity account again.

    Next, try to access Unity store again. Be very patient and wait for 2 or 3 minutes, then the internet connection will be established, and everything will be fine.

    Sometimes, I have to repeat these procedure 2 times to make it work.

  • louis

    It's a Unity bug - bad login credentials or something.  Log out and then back in to your account should fix it.

  • George Papulis

    For me, my Unity Hub had an update.  I updated and restarted my hub, then I was able to access the store in Unity.

  • James W

    I seem to get this quite often when I purchase a lot of assets and start clicking the "Open in Unity" buttons.  After 2 or 3 (or more) I get this error.  It forces me to open the asset tab in Unity, then copy-n-paste the name in the search box.  It downloads ok from there.  The "Open in Unity" link is very unreliable and needs work. There needs to be a "recently purchased" list, so I can simply open the asset store tab and just go there after the purchase, because this error is just ridiculous to still be doing this (I've been getting this issue off and on for as long as I've been using 2017 and 2018). Logging out and restarting the app does not already work either, for the record. Also, I do not have a proxy or firewall. In case it helps, I actually clicked a wrong link which took me away from the store, and I clicked the back button to return.  I did refresh the page, but perhaps something timed out, or the store links were no longer valid afterwards.

  • Gustaf Stechmann

    Had this problem too when using WLAN. Switched to LAN cable seems to have fixed it. 

    It seems that there is a timeout occurring somewhere. Maybe Unity is very impatient and my WLAN is just a tiny bit too slow...

  • Eric Adem

    I'm still having this problem.  Tried all the solutions mentioned above and in other threads, but it still says the same thing.  As soon as I want to download something, it switches to a screen that says I'm offline.  I can login fine when I start Unity and can do so on the website as well.  I've tried logging off and back on.  Under My Assets, I can download those just fine, but anything new, it gives me this error.  Is there anyone from Unity support that can actually answer this?  These threads have been going on for several years now, and its preventing people from using one of the most important features of Unity.

  • Zappato

    Eric Aden's question came out on Sept. 30th, 2019. Today is November, 14th 2019. Where is Unity's support team, I'm having the same problem.

  • Eric Adem

    Believe it or not, I still haven't received or found an answer to this.  But I found a workaround.  I browse the Asset Store outside of Unity, just in a browser at  I can purchase whatever I want there, and when I want to import it into a project, I go back to Unity, go into the Asset Store and click on My Assets.  From there I'm able to download and import what I need.  This is the only solution I've been able to get working at this point.  Hope it helps.

  • Surfer Lab

    @Eric Adem

    the same think happens to me, and i did the same action.

    • Unity Hub 2.2.1
    • Unity 2019.2.14f1 (64bits)
  • TheSuperCowDude

    updating my project to the newest version of unity solved my problem

  • credman1

    I had the same problem, I needed to confirm my email address and the email was burried in the Junk folder.

  • Mikhail Zemlianukhin

    Why this child problem not solved yet? it's 2020 now guys, come on. I just have no way to import asset, is it normal? the only download button I could find (it's inside unity) says "No internet connection" but I have perfect internet connection always.

  • Mikhail Zemlianukhin

    After couple of hours I managed to solve. 
    In Control panel - Network and Internet - Network connection I had two connections. One is main and one is : vEthernet (DockerNAT) , Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet adapter
    I disabled the last and everything started to work

  • Hazel

    Hi Mikhail,

    Glad to know that you have manage to resolved the issue.

    Please reach out to us via if you have any other question or need further assistance.

  • Bijoy Basak

    hey ...i am not access in unity asset store..

  • Eric LaRue

    I just had this issue myself and found this thread.  In my case, I have a MacBook Pro, and I have the tendency to just put my computer to sleep instead of actually shutting it down and launching it again.  In my case, I suspect my login had timed out, so I just quit Unity and restarted it, and the asset store loaded back up just fine.

    Don't know if this helps anyone.  I'll keep you guys posted if I encounter anything similar in the future.

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Eric. 

    Thanks for your helpful comment ! 

    Like what Thanh suggested, logging out from Unity editor and restart can be way to solve this issue. 

  • BotoShilo

    Im having a similar issue. 
    Im logged in and online via wifi, but when i got to the asset store tab it says im offline. Tried login off and back in and hasnt helped. 
    Can someone from Unity assist? 

  • Jarvis

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I am sorry to read that you are having an issue, even after trying the fixes in this thread.

    So that we can help you get this sorted, I would recommend submitting a ticket with our team. You can raise a ticket from your Unity account by visiting this link here.



  • Aaron Goodwin

    If you're running a VPN (like NordVPN), turn it off, and the connection issue with the package manager vanishes instantly.

    I'm not sure if there's a setting that can resolve this so you can maintain your VPN and your Unity Asset Story connection simultaneously, but that's what my problem was with this exact issue (and this page's solution accounted for; proxy was off already).

  • I'm having this issue in 5.6.3xf1Linux Personal.

    It's very weird, because I'm connected to the internet.

    I followed @Eric Adem post about going to the Asset Store webpage. I add the asset to My Assets yet at that webpage; clicked on "Open in Unity" link, and then opening the Unity Project in the Editor. For my surprise the Asset Store opened up, so the connection was established this time.

    These sort of things in Unity is really discouraging on using it.

  • Derek

    Hello Aaron. 

    I'm sorry for the late response. 

    Anything which changes your network like a VPN can affect your connectivity and result in the package manager returning errors. The reason is there needs to be a strong uninterrupted connection for the package manager to operate.

    I'm sorry about that. I appreciate your feedback and will keep this in mind for when we next review this article. 

    All the best. 

  • Derek

    Hello Cassiano. 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. 

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble loading the Asset store. I'll advise as best as I can. 

    If you are not already aware, Unity Linux is not officially supported additionally, since you're using an old version of Unity (5.6.3) this is also no longer supported. In any case, we recommend using a more updated version of the software. 

    If you haven't seen this yet, I recommend checking out forum where people can ask other linux users how they overcame particular challenges like this.

    In any case, if the "open in Unity" button doesn't work. I recommend you searching the Asset from inside the editor and downloading it that way. 

    If you have any follow up questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 

    All the best. 


    guys for me too i just log out and log in again and  i update the unity hub because it was an update available.

    and it works for me

  • Gabriel

    I side-stepped this issue by using Asset Store from web browser and adding assets to my account. Then, inside Unity you can open the Package Manager.

  • Jarvis

    Hello William,

    Thank you for your recent comment. Firstly, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you here.

    If you are having issues importing files into the Editor or downloading assets, it could be caused by a number of things. In order to help you with this, we would need to work with you directly and be provided with more specific information to detail the problem, so we can troubleshoot.

    I would advise emailing us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

    I hope this helps and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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