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How can I remove the fade out on the shadows?



  • Philip Tarpley

    This is awesome, thanks for adding this ability.  It seems to work great in my limited testing. That shadow seam (two cameras) has bugged us for years!

  • Michaël

    Hi. As expected, it doesnt seem to work anymore on Unity 5.6. (Yea I know it's for 5.4)
    I tried both new and old built-in shaders, the old is just broken with 5.6 and the new doesnt handle shadow fade-out itself.

    It tried to cut like 99% of the code of the new shader and I can guarantee you that the shadow isnt affected by this shader .. It handles things like shadow position on screen and shadows cascades blending.

    I dont know where I should look at if I want this to be fixed, since it's really hard to find topics about this very precise issue.

  • Jeff Johnson

    This answer does not work as of 5.6.6, please provide a new solution.


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