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How do I access an existing Unity Project on which Collaborate is enabled?



  • Jack Kinsey

    During step 2, I create a new folder for the project, but a new project is created. The project isn't downloaded.

  • Tommy

    Indeed, for me too. The project is downloaded. But no assets are imported to the project after the download is done. I can see the assets in the folder, but they are not linking to the unity project. :(

  • Eric Hannum

    Sorry but what's all this about "the organization?" I'm me. I don't need to invite myself to myself. I'd just like to see the projects I have in the cloud and download them on another machine...

  • Nicolas Grimmer

    Same problem. The project is downloaded from the cloud but instead of opening it, Unity opens a new project. Please help. 

  • Sebastian Gomez

    is this feature only available on the paid versions of Unity? I have the personal version and wanted to re-download my own project on another computer but after following the steps above Unity opens an empty project even though it downloaded the files from the cloud. Am I doing something wrong? I am using Unity 2018.2.12f and I started working on the project on my W10 machine, but I am downloading it on a Macbookpro. both machines are using the same version of Unity


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