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How long will it take for my Asset to be approved?



  • Евгений

    and if it took more than two weeks?

  • Lily

    Hi Eugene,

    Sometimes, there can be delays with the Asset Store review process. During these times, the review team work as hard as they can to get through the queue as quick as they can!

    If your asset review is taking significantly longer than the allotted two weeks, please let our Support team know on '' and they can give you any further information that is available!

  • Adnan Nazir

    For me it always take more than 20 days. 

    Best case 24 days 
    worst case upto 40 days. 

    Is there some sort of priority you assign to package ? Like publisher previous record, ratings or quality of asset ? or even country form where the asset belong ?

  • alexis echemendia gonzalez

    More than a month for sure!!!! If you did a mistake you will wait another month so be careful the first time because the tool never check is everything is ok. Just cry and wait for another month :(

  • Minh Le

    I've published a lot of 3D models on the Asset Store and they usually take around 2 weeks ( 10 working days ) to get reviewed and published ( assuming you don't have to make any changes ).


  • Lee Dong Hun

    Please make this process more faster... Its too hard and pain to wait. 1 day is critical for indie..

  • Hazel

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedbacks! We are always trying our best to speed up the process so as to cater to all your submissions.

    If your asset review is taking longer than the allotted two weeks, please let our Support team know at '' and they can give you any further information that is available!

    My apologies for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

  • Zhang Ming

    My package is pending review from April and now(December) it still pending.

  • Nick Boța

    Agree with Zhang, in some cases this is ridiculous, I have been waiting for 2 months now and nothing yet.

  • Derek

    Hello Timo, Zhang and Nick.

    Derek from Unity Customer service here. 

    I'll do my best to address any concerns you may have in regards to your queries.

    In terms of the 14 days review time, these are not business days. This is 2 weeks, not 3 business weeks. Typically we review these assets quicker than 14 days and can take longer if an influx of submissions.

    The amount of time we give ourselves to review the assets is imperative to  maintaining and improving the standard of quality of assets in general on the store. 

    The amount of time that is listed is to compensate for an influx of submissions.

    If it takes longer than this or if you would like to discuss this further, you can always reach out to "" to find out the status of the Pending Asset. We can then look into this for you :) 

  • Aleksey Pozdeev

    If my Asset was declined due to the incompleteness of my page. I corrected and responded by mail. Need to wait for an answer or re-send an Asset?

  • Türkay Tunç

    14 days have passed. Still pending review. 

  • MarksTam201

    My asset still pending review althought 22 days pass, waiting in vain...

  • Stephen Jackson

    I'm at 2 months now. Did I win? ;)

  • Derek

    Hello there. 

    Sorry for the delayed response. Every now and then we have an influx of Asset submissions which causes a delay in reviews. If the status of your Asset within the Asset dashboard is set to pending review. This means that it's been submitted correctly and is awaiting review. 

    If it says otherwise, I recommend resubmitting the Asset. 

    Regardless, if you are waiting over a month for your Asset to be reviewed. Please submit a support request to us at

    We can then investigate this for you. 

    All the best. 


  • Alexander Zed

    I have submit my asset 7 July's 2021.

    24 July's i m 342 in queue.

    25 July's i m 371 now! Seriously ?

    Marketplace from Unreal Engine review assets in 1-2 day max and take only 12% from sales.


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