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How do I find out about disruptions to the Unity site and cloud-based Services?



  • Steven Church

    This status page is simply not an accurate representation of your service status. It's not updated quickly enough. Cloud Build has been having intermittent problems for at least 48 hours yet the status page says everything is fine. Support has also confirmed some intermittent problems yet the last update was February 3, 2021 10:30PM UTC. 

  • jean fabre


    I agree the status page isn't suitable as is. there needs to be an history of the past 24H at least featuring all incidents within that time frame. Also, I reported once, while problem were occuring, they replied that they knew about the issue, yet the status was green. so as is, this is not even accurate for realtime checks.

    We are fine with incidents and issues, but Unity needs to be up front about them so that we don't end up in trouble because of that.



  • Rory

    Hi Steven Church and jean fabre

    Thank you so much for your feedback on the Cloud System Status Page.We know this is a really helpful tool and so many customers use it as a reference point for system incidents. 

    The team involved is working on an improvement on this page thanks to the feedback from all our users. Please, rest assured you that we are taking in count this comments.

    Once again, thank you. All the best. 


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