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Can I use asset licenses that I purchase for my freelance development work?



  • Nathan Schuetz

    The eula makes it sound like a freelancer and company both need the asset license, and that the company alone having one is not enough. Is this true?

  • Alex Jeong

    Hi Nathan, 

    Thanks for the comment, 

    Whomever the entity is that is releasing the product which includes assets, they need a license. Here is an example. If company 'A' hires contractor 'B' to make a game, any assets used by contractor 'B' to make the game will need to be purchased by company 'A' if they want to release the game.

    I hope it helps.

  • Nathan Schuetz

    So if the company A hires contractor B, and company A has a license, then contractor B does not need a separate license?

  • Nathan Schuetz

    Thanks for clarifying Derek.

    >If they are regular Assets then you can share these amongst your team. If they are Extension Assets then you can chose a multi entity license in which your colleagues are permitted to use.

    The FAQ and popup within the store are very clear that sharing assets with contractors is no longer allowed, so is this a UI bug?

    Eg, the single/multi entity choice is only available for regular (non-extension) assets. For extension assets there is only an add to cart option.The FAQ also repeats that sharing with contractors is not allowed [1, 2].

    I think this is a new policy and I am confused because I purchased most of my 3D assets before it came into effect.


    [1] Non per seat - All assets that are not categorized as “Editor Extension”, “Scripting”, or “Services”. Within this license type, you can purchase for:

    • Individual or single entity 
    • Multi-entity - this covers parent, child, and sister companies, as well as contractors on a project. 

    [2] A contractor is a third party and as such a separate license would be required,

  • Derek

    Hello Michael. 

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry for any confusion cause.

    I understand your point of view. The information regarding sharing the Assets in my last message is regards to sharing amongst your team mates. Not to an independent contractor. I'm sorry about that. 

    You are right, the terms have changed recently. Independent contractors are required to have their own license for assets. Unfortunately, current projects will need to abide by these terms. 

    However, that being said it's not entirely your responsibility to provide the developer with an Assets license. This would be something you'd discuss with them. 

    If you have any queries or concerns, I recommend chatting with us directly through 

  • Paul Ping Kohler

    Hypothetically, a company has two contractors and one employee working on a game. Each contractor has a seat for a per-user asset. How many seats does the company need for that asset? One, two, or three?

  • Jarvis

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for your comment, I would be happy to help you with this.

    In the case of your hypothetical example, if a Multi-Entity license was purchased for an Asset not categorised as an ‘Extension Asset’ or 'Seat' you would only need 1 copy of the Asset.

    However, if the Asset in question is an ‘Extension Asset’ or 'Seat' based license, then each employee, including contractors, would need to own a Seat to use it.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via email at Have a nice day! 

  • Unity 1 Tapps Ventures

    Considering the following scenario:
    - Asset is using Unity's default EULA and no extra info on license or usage is provided by asset developer
    - It is an "Extension Asset"
    - The project team has 6 people (3 contractors, 3 in-house/employees)
    - Only one team member (in-house/employee) will directly work with the asset; others team members do not use the asset to create anything in the game


    1) How many licenses do I have to own? 6? 1?

    2) Does each one of my contractors should have a license of its own too?

  • Jarvis

    Hello there, thank you for your comment!

    I can certainly help you with this asset license question. If an asset is sold as an extension asset or is 'seat based, then you are required to purchase 1 seat for each user who will be working with the asset within Unity, with access to the raw asset files.

    Additionally, if you are working with contractors then they are also required to purchase or hold their own seat.

    Asset seats cannot be swapped or shared between any users, as this would be a breach of our terms. You may find this related article useful: Asset Store license types: Extension Assets, Single and Multi Entity assets.

    To summarise, in your scenario you would need to purchase 6 seat based/extension licenses.

    I hope this helps and if there is anything else you need in the meantime, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

  • Unity 1 Tapps Ventures

    Thank you, Jarvis!


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