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How do I complete my payout profile?



  • Prikshit Soni

    I'm having some confusion about taxes other than unity's 30% share in the asset value. what are the further deductions in the amount for a US based organization  and  a non US based organization . It will be really helpful is you can provide a breakdown of the process.

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Soni, 

    Thanks for the comment, 

    I am not sure if below information is what you are looking for but according to our team, non-US-resident should complete tax profile. Please note that payouts will be blocked if the tax profile is not complete.

    W-8BEN is required for a non-U.S. citizen/resident who receives income from a company but is not an employee. We cannot really advise you on how to fill the forms but we generally suggest you should file your earnings with your local government and fill in the info as best as you can.

  • Richard Savoca

    I have a question regarding Unity's payout. When it says that if your payout profile fails that it will ask you something along the line of ''payment fails requires update''. Is that the blue button that simply says Update or is it something else? Because I've redone my payout profile like 6 times so far and 2 of them was because I didn't have my legal name as my name for my organization. However the other 4 times I've simply been re submitting them thinking that something was wrong. It keeps saying that the payout profile will take several minutes to sync. But I can't tell if it just wont sync or if I'm simply being to impatient and its going to take longer then 15 to 30 minutes to fully register my profile. So basically what I'm asking is how do I know my payout profile wasn't accepted. 

  • Hazel

    Hi Richard,

    My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    Whenever you have update your payout profile, the systems will validate the information. If there are any information that is not accepted, an email will be send to you to notify you about this and you can update the details accordingly.

    Please bear in mind not to submit the details too many times as it may cause delay in validating the information. Do give the systems time to react to the changes you have made.

  • Pleaze Marshall

    I need help on my payout profile please I'm 67 and don't have a clue

  • Pleaze Marshall profile icon. And my payout profile located

  • Jarvis

    Hello there,

    Thank you for your recent comments. I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with receiving a payout. I would be happy to help.

    I can see that you have contacted us a few times regarding this issue recently. It seems that some confusion has been caused here.

    It sounds like you are talking about a game you have been playing that was made using our software, Unity. You more than likely saw the Unity logo when the game or app started, as it was created using the free version of our software.

    Sadly, we're unable to help you with this as Unity did not create or publish the game or app you are playing.

    If you are having a problem receiving a payout from a game or app you have been playing, then you would need to find the correct publishers details online and reach out to them for support.

    I am sorry again for any issues this may have caused you. If there is anything else you need in the meantime, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.


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