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How do I disable Two Factor Authentication on my account?



  • coder168

    The real problem is it ask for verification code for any changes to security page once your 2FA is enable, and do not to provide a alternative way for sending code. Once it failed in the case like wrong/changed phone number, lost old phone and etc, this will lock the user out their account. Please continue to upgrade Unity 2FA system, it is very useful but only if it is good enough. 

  • Mark

    I tried these steps, but as mentioned in another post you need a 2FA code in order to remove it from your account.
    The problem is I lost my device and am at the moment locked out of my account, I made support ticket but it has been open without a single response for about 10 days now.

    I should have made a recovery code, it never occurred to me. I actually expected to have a code, in a similar fashion as Steam, which gives you a recovery code the first time you activate 2fA. 

    Hopefully the system gets some proper recovery steps in the future.


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