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How do I delete an Organization from my account?



  • Markus Hofer

    can you maybe *make it possible*?

  • Maru

    Hey Markus,

    It's something we are still exploring to do. We'll be sure to notify everybody once this ever becomes a thing but for the moment, I'm afraid we can only advise what is currently stated in the article.

  • Nahuel Bergamo

    +1 to making this a thing.

  • Richard Irons

    As far as I can tell there is no way for me to have avoided being given an autogenerated "unit-sdkfjghbskildfuvyg" organization when I created my account, which obviously I never intended to use since I immediately was added to my company's organization. So now I just have this other pointless organization against my account. Come on, this is easy!

  • Lily

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your feedback - this is something we are looking into! I completely understand it not ideal having a auto generated account name!

    You can change your org name, however, when logged in at!

    - Click on your preferred organization

    - Click on 'Edit' under the 'Organization Details' heading

    - Change Organization name

    I hope this helps!

  • Richard Irons

    Thanks for the reply Lily. I've renamed the organisation to something that I won't choose accidentally for now. At the time I was doing some work that took me into the organisation screen quite a lot, but I've finished that now so it's become less of a pain. Thanks again.l

  • Kenny Roy

    +1,000,000 for making this a thing.  I went buck-wild with organizations not knowing they couldn't be deleted.  Please prioritize this

  • Hazel

    Hi Kenny,

    Thank you for your feedback. 

    If there is any update for deleting organizations being made possible, this article will be updated accordingly.

  • Zechariah Wicks

    If i change the name of my organisation, the link to the organisation remains the same. Is there a possibility of the link being updated with the new organisation name?

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Zechariah, 

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Can you let me know more information about the link to the organization?

    I've checked that the existing organization number (ID) doesn't change even though we change the name of its organization. 

  • Zechariah Wicks

    i have changed the name of my organisation to another name as i can not delete and start a new one, however the link that i can see still contains the name of the old organisation.

  • Austin Miller

    For me its more of a visiblity thing. Its just annoying to constantly have to see it whenever I am trying to get to an Organization when I know I am not going ever use it. I am curious if there would be a way to just archive it, give it an archived variable that doesn't actually delete the organization, just make it so it doesn't show up in your list of organizations anymore.

  • Tonci Jukic

    This is now even a problem / e.g. Unity Learn Premium starts on a random org... So now I don't have it on my main org with sub, but some random org got a trial assigned.

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Tonci, 

    Thanks for your feedback. 

    I've checked that Unity Learn Premium subscription can be only purchased under the default organization. Unfortunately, there is no option to change default organization via online dashboard currently but I will share your feedback with our internal team to see if there is solution for it. 

  • Josef Wienerroither

    Oh Lordy .... i created an organization by mistake, and even named it THQ Nordic .... Of course i'm NOT the owner  of THQ Nordic ...

    Looking for a way to remove the org, i landed here
    Please, please introduce the option to delete an organization !

  • Tonci Jukic

    It would be really great to be able to do this.
    Not being able to change default org obviously affects even paid services (like Learn Premium).

    It is unacceptable that we can't use a service because you don't have the basic functionality for profiles.

    Learn Premium is part of the Plus and Pro subscription which is assigned to the organization we want, but Learn is always pinned to the default organization that is not necessarily the one with the subscription.

    How is this even a thing?
    Do you need help with the account/customer-features/web development?

  • Francine Walker

    +1 for a fix

  • Derek

    Hello all

    Derek from Unity customer service here. 

    At this time, there is no plan on implementing a "Delete Organization" feature in the Unity ID accounts page.

    I understand that some users would like their accounts and Organizations set up in a particular way.. 

    That being said, our support team are always available to help give advice on organizations management, license management, and general accounts queries.

    That way you can get your account in a way which you can manage your account easily. Please feel free to contact us at 

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss this further. 


  • Ville Nousiainen

    Yes, please make this a thing.

    I've had my "DO NOT USE" organization in limbo for almost two years now.

    The very least let us hide unused organizations so they won't show up in dropdown menus in unity editor etc.

  • Ross Bohner

    Is this a technical or a business decision to not allow removing of organizations? I am extremely surprised this is not a basic functionality and it violates the basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) expectations users' have for any web service object they create.  Here is an explanation of what users expect 

  • Tonci Jukic

    It's a business decision. Untity tracks Editor usage per organizations and any kind of removal would probably interfere with the data.

  • Ross Bohner

    Thanks Tonci for getting back on this.  If the reason is a business decision, would it be possible to treat these old organizations as business logic and remove them from the UI that is exposed to users?

    For example, is it possible to create an end-user UI to delete the organization but only archive it on the backend using an is_archived column in the org table?  If the user requests to delete the organization then the action only needs to change the bit on the is_archived column from false to true.  Then the end-user ui will only need to query organizations where the is_archived column is false;  This would improve the end-user experience and maintain your business requirements.  Of course, the other service UIs that reference the orgs would need to add the is_archived query as well.

    Regarding the business decision to track organizations.  I would be worried that tracking false or incorrect organization is not producing accurate metrics of end-user use.  Adding the is_archived query to the parsing usage metrics would also provide a better representation of actual organizations use

  • Tonci Jukic

    Sorry if it sounded otherwise, but it's simply a guess on my side - I'm not affiliated with UT. :) 

    I guess that could be a complex reason being an obstacle here.

  • David Jung

    Not a very friendly on-boarding experience.  The default Organization was my login, so it wasn't clear there was a default organization, so I hit the create, only to discover I can't delete it.  Now wasting time figuring out it isn't possible.  Will not recommend.

  • Eli Weston

    Really, you can't delete accounts owned by yourself? That's ridiculous.  

  • Mário Junior

    And Transfer Assets, must be a great thing too, because you cannot choose which organization they will be bound when you redeem them via code.

  • Alice

    Shouldn't this kinda be a know GDPR and all that fancy data protection stuff especially if someone has their username as their legal name since the URL created for the Organization can not be changed. (I'd suggest using a generated URL instead of the username as the URL in that case)

  • Steffen Dyhr-Nielsen

    Please.... How hard can it be for +500 developers?

  • Hazel

    Hi all,

    A piece good news to share to everyone is that deleting of empty organization is now official and live!

    We have updated the article so you can follow the steps outline and proceed to action on it.

    This has been possible with all your feedbacks provided to us and we will continue to strive in improving the tools for our users.

  • Josef Wienerroither

    Hey - that's a nice surprise !

    Thanks for the info Hazel . Went straight over to my account and deleted that flawed organization i created by accident and it worked !

    Thanks a lot for listening !


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