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What does ‘Multi Entity’ & ‘Single Entity’ mean?



  • Jason H

    This information directly conflicts with the statement on the license option. It says "Sinlge Entity - Recommended for individuals and small businesses". The "more info" says that contractors require a separate license, but not other employees. Then, this article says, "only one user will have access to the Asset files". Which is it?

    I purchased assets before this terms change, and you seem to have retroactively updated everything. I would never have purchased assets if the terms were 1 user only. You can't simply change the terms for previous purchases.

  • Robert Knox

    Yeah, I've got assets that I purchased when they were Single Entity, however now they've been changed to Single User.

    I assume the terms that I have access to the asset with are the terms when I made the purchase? Changing them afterwards to require more payments for more people within the company is horrendous business practice.


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