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How can I contact Unity?



  • Rory


    Thanks for contacting us. Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Unity Forma. 

    I have reached out to our Salesperson about this requirement, and he will be in touch with you in the next couple of days. 

    All the best. 

  • Lise Mari Warner

    So I downloaded one of y’all’s games and sure enough it’s a scam!! Says your cash out will hit your PayPal in seven days ! Everytime the clock gets
    Down to an hr left another day is added !! Went back to review the reviews and everyone has had this problem! I’m going to call a lawyer !! I have saved screen shots and have plenty of proof

  • Ingrid

    Hi Lise,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the game you are playing. 

    I do understand how these things can cause some inconvenience. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide support or assistance in regards to your issue as Unity did not develop or publish the game you’re referring to. Depending on where you purchased this game from (Apple/Google Play Store/Steam etc) you should be able to find the correct publisher details on the marketplace you purchased from. 

    Just to make you aware, Unity is the developer of games development software, used to create games, mobile apps, and VR/AR experiences. We do not actually create or develop any games ourselves. 

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be of further assistance at this point. 

    All the best.


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