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How can I switch Unity organizations before making an Asset Store purchase?



  • Nicolas Pinedo

    The note at the bottom might be old and not relevant to the current state of redeeming assets from Humble Bundle, because I just bought a Humble Bundle package, and was able to select a new organization (different from the default one) when associating the assets to my account.

  • Jarvis

    Hello Nicholas,

    Thank you so much for your comment and for bringing this to our attention.

    The process to redeem Humble Bundle assets and choose an Organization has indeed changed a little since this article was originally published. I will flag this internally so that we can update the information, to help our users, without causing confusion.

    Thank you again.

    If there is anything else you need in the future, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

  • Maxime Lepage

    The dropdown to switch organization doesn't exist for me. The problem isn't that I don't have another organization. I have another organization and there are members in it. But when I try to buy an asset, it automatically buys it for my (personnal) organization. How can I switch to buy asset with my company organization.

  • Jarvis

    Hello Maxime Lepage

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue switching organizations. I can certainly advise you on this.

    You can switch between organizations on the Asset Store using the drop-down menu, so you can nominate a specific organization for the purchase to be associated with.

    However, if your other organization is an Asset Store Publisher organization, you will not be able to switch to that to make purchases, which may be the problem you are having here.

    The reason for this is that an Asset Store Publisher organization should not be used to purchase licenses, subscriptions or assets, as the intention of this organization is exclusively reserved for publishing purposes and Asset Store payout data.

    I hope this information has been helpful for you and if there is anything else you need, please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.


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