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How can I delete a Forum post or thread?



  • Name Combiner Tool

    I understand your concern about wanting to delete a post or thread on the Unity Forum. Unfortunately, as of now, users are not able to delete posts or threads they have created on the Unity Forum. This policy is in place to ensure that the community remains a valuable resource for all users, and information is readily available to help others with similar questions in the future.

    While it may be frustrating not to have the option to delete a post, it's important to remember that the Forum serves as a platform for users to seek assistance, share knowledge, and engage in discussions. If you believe a post is in violation of the Unity Community Code of Conduct, you can use the "Report" button within the specific thread to bring it to the attention of the moderators.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or need assistance with SEO services in Albany or any other topic related to Unity or game development, feel free to ask, and the community will be here to help.

    Stay engaged and keep making great contributions to the Unity community!

  • Shagufta shamid

    The ability to delete a forum post or thread depends on the forum platform and your user permissions. In most cases, only forum administrators or moderators have the authority to delete posts or threads. However, if you've posted something and wish to have it removed, you can typically follow these steps:

    1. Edit Your Post (if possible):

      • Some forums allow users to edit their posts after they've been published. If you've made an error or want to remove content from your post, look for an "Edit" or "Edit Post" option. Make the necessary changes, and if you want to delete the entire post, remove its content small things to manifest entirely.
    2. Report to Moderators:

      • If you don't have the ability to delete your post, you can report it to the forum moderators or administrators. Look for a "Report" or "Flag" option near your post or on the forum's interface. Provide a brief explanation of why you want the post removed, and the moderators will review your request.
  • Derek

    Hello Alan. 

    Derek from Unity Customer Service here. 

    I'm happy to hear some feedback regarding the Community pages. We appreciate vigilant users taking the time to let us know your honest feedback. 

    I've taken this information and will filter it through the company to the relevant team. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you if or when this will be changed by I can promise it will be given to the relevant team for consideration.

    All the best. 

  • Verify Btc

    The ability to delete a forum post or thread typically depends on the specific forum platform or website you are using. Different forums have different rules and features for managing posts and threads. Here are general steps you can follow to delete a forum post or thread:

    Deleting Your Own Post:

    1. Log In: Ensure that you are logged in to your forum account using your username and password.

    2. Locate Your Post: Find the specific post Ray-ban prescription sunglasses near me or thread that you want to delete. This may involve navigating to the forum section or topic where your post is located.

    3. Edit Option: Look for an "Edit" or "Modify" option near your post. This option is usually represented by a pencil icon or similar edit symbol.

  • hatchhozzen
    Users will not be able to delete posts or threads they have created on the The reason for this is that there are thousands of users visiting our community platforms daily and it would be unfortunate if another user needed help with a question that was posted and   carte visite nfc    answered, but has now been deleted.
    The Forums are the best platform available to users to post questions, engage in discussion with the community and seek advice on any technical issues they may be facing. In leaving Forum posts public and searchable by all, it helps the community get assistance on a similar query they may have in the future.
  • ALAN

    This Unity resolution ridiculous because the user can edit the text and just delete the content anyway! This does not encourage engagement.


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