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My license isn't activating.



  • HawkX

    unity.exe -batchmode -createManualActivationFile -logfile does not seem to be working...

    I ran that in cmd next to the exe... it seems to be doing something, but then nothing happens... no error message, no nothing...

    The log file got generated in "AppData\Roaming\UnityHub\logs\info-log.json" but no .alf file anywhere to be found...

    EDIT : seems like it was something on Unity's side, My old 2018 license is back and everything is working again...

  • Muhammad Abdul-Rahim

    The linked website for manual activation, , is constantly refreshing on me, making it impossible to upload my ALF file. As of this morning I am unable to work. Unity Hub 3.1.1 was working for me on Friday without issue. I have not updated Hub or my project since then.

    Everybody in my office is running into the same issue. Please advise.

    EDIT: As of a minute ago, it is now working. My guess was a pretty significant Unity license server issue that incorrectly assumed that licenses were invalid.

  • Doker2030

    I have to manually renew/activate my Personal Edition license at

    The page keeps on refreshing. So i cannot start any new project.

  • Ingrid

    Hi Doker,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    For more investigation, I created ticket #1300804 for you. Please check about it.I hope we can get in touch soon. Thank you.

  • Colloni

    I try, but apparently it decides to say, "Unable to save license" and I used to have one, when i first used unity. I'm unable to update plus I can't find my old license 

  • Jarvis

    Hello Colloni,

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Unity license. I do understand that this must be causing some frustration.

    These things can be tricky to advise on and resolve in the comments section, so the best thing to do would be to contact our Customer Experience Team, so they can help you troubleshoot this license issue.

    Please feel free to email us at or alternatively, you can submit a ticket via this web form.

    I hope this helps and have a nice day!


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