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My license isn't activating.



  • HawkX

    unity.exe -batchmode -createManualActivationFile -logfile does not seem to be working...

    I ran that in cmd next to the exe... it seems to be doing something, but then nothing happens... no error message, no nothing...

    The log file got generated in "AppData\Roaming\UnityHub\logs\info-log.json" but no .alf file anywhere to be found...

    EDIT : seems like it was something on Unity's side, My old 2018 license is back and everything is working again...

  • Muhammad Abdul-Rahim

    The linked website for manual activation, , is constantly refreshing on me, making it impossible to upload my ALF file. As of this morning I am unable to work. Unity Hub 3.1.1 was working for me on Friday without issue. I have not updated Hub or my project since then.

    Everybody in my office is running into the same issue. Please advise.

    EDIT: As of a minute ago, it is now working. My guess was a pretty significant Unity license server issue that incorrectly assumed that licenses were invalid.

  • Doker2030

    I have to manually renew/activate my Personal Edition license at

    The page keeps on refreshing. So i cannot start any new project.

  • Ingrid

    Hi Doker,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    For more investigation, I created ticket #1300804 for you. Please check about it.I hope we can get in touch soon. Thank you.


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