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CCD: Addressables SSL Error Android workarounds



  • F5Foxie

    Is the workaround for this issue still the same? It is a pain to make the Unity Addressables package embedded just to change one line of code for this issue.
    Whenever someone new checks out the project in git or sometimes even when we switch branches, Unity has compile errors for the Addressables package which we can only resolve by either:

    • Removing the embedded package files with the code change, so Unity falls back to using the package registry version.
    • Removing the embedded package files, moving the package back into the packages folder, doing the code change again.

    The compile errors happen even with the package committed in git under the Packages folder, it seems like Unity is trying to include both that version and the version from the packages registry.

  • Andrew Wallen

    As F5Foxie questioned, can you please confirm if this change has or is making it into an Addressables package version? If it's a known issue it seems odd not to be rolled into the core package. I'm a little worried bumping the retry count to 30; wouldn't this result in a very long (undesirable) delay to the user whilst the retries complete? I believe we've had this issue with at least one internal user but it's difficult to identify without interrogating the device logs, which we don't have access to 'in the wild'.


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