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How do I earn revenue from Unity Ads?



  • A. P. Schmidt

    Quote: The average eCPM for Unity Ads ranges from $6 - $12. It can be as high as $20 in English speaking countries, or as low as $3 in non-English speaking countries. Revenue is based on the quality of impressions.

    What does ecpm mean?

    "Unity Ads ranges for $6 to 12" Is that per hour, per day, per week, month, year?

  • Sophia

    eCPM is Effective Cost per Mille, which means Effective Cost per 1000 Impressions. The $6-$12 figure is the amount for the eCPM. So for example, 1000 impressions from a single country could earn you $6. This varies country to country. Please see this article for more information

  • A. P. Schmidt

    Thank you @Sophia! This needed to be clarified and you did it but, there is something that intrigues me. You write:

    "So for example, 1000 impressions from a single country could earn you $6."

    Does that mean that, in order to earn 6$, 1,000 "impressions" must be made in one country only?

    What happens if I get 2,000 impressions like this:

    • 1,001 in the USA,
    • 999 in France,

    will I get 6$ for the impressions made in the USA and 0$ for the ones made in France?

    Thank you for your answer.

  • Jakub Klementewicz

    @Anne Schmidt

    Earning $6 per 1000 impressions means that it is simple calculation


    1.001 * $6 = $6.006 = $6

    0.999 * 6$ = $5.994 = $5.99

    You earn totally $6 + $5.99 = $11.99 

    1000 isn't a limit and isn't a minimum. It means that you earn $6 per 1000 impressions.

    If you have 500 impressions you earn $3.

  • Sophia

    I'd like the reiterate that these figures are not set in stone- it varies country to country, for example. Revenue is generated based on a combination of views, clicks, and installs. There's no "one unified way" of pre-calculating the revenue generated by your game, as we run a wide variety of campaigns on our platform.

    We have lots of articles on the Knowledge Base about this topic, so please feel free to browse :)

  • Benediktas paskelis

    why my ecpm is only 1$? We are showing mostly 30s reward videos 

  • tonylu


    What if my game is just show the ads (no user interaction on the ads) but I will adjust the camera on the ads (direct/indirect) to let user view on the ads. Can I still have the revenue from unity ads by using this way?

  • Night Grounds

    Rewarded Ads are being used for me but it is fluctuating like crazy, I have above 5,000 impressions (7.6k). 


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