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How can I make the canvas transparent on WebGL?



  • The Lazy Coder

    This is awesome. So glad this was an option.

  • Josef Shindler

    This doesn't appear to work anymore in 5.6.0f3. A blank project only containing this JS library doesn't have a transparent canvas. 

  • Ahmed Almahdie



    We were wondering how to make the "clearColor" from our camera transparent, is that possible using the same method you were discussing here or is it something eles we need to look out for ?

    I would really appreciate a response, thanks.

  • Ahmed Almahdie

    Ok,, it's me again, sorry for bothering you with this. I've got it to work, using the method in this post : (by : mgmhunt) . So it's ok for now. But if you've got any additional details you would like to share,I would also appreciate it . Thanks

  • Bartek Pęksa

    Not working on 2018.3.9
    Does anyone know the solution?

  • Corstiaan Smorenburg

    I'm in 2019.3 and I got it working but because of the clearing of Alpha, all my (semi)transparent PNGs also show the underlying video. Any of you know of a solution? Different camera for the canvas? Custom shader for my UI?? 

  • Leanderson

    Reviving old for help new on this mission... using Unity 2020.3.5f1

    Create a Template exclusive to transparent and in style.css #unity-canvas background put 

    transparent value instead of a hex color.

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