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I am getting a lot of sound latency when developing my game for Android. How can I get my sounds to play immediately?



  • Sirawat Pitaksarit

    If "Best Latency" setting (small buffer size) is still not enough for you going native is definitely the way to go. "Native Audio" asset store plugins can make a native call to both iOS and Android's fastest native way from one central interface.

    - On iOS it uses OpenAL. It is faster than AVAudioPlayer.
    - On Android it uses AudioTrack, which was confirmed to be faster than SoundPool and no difference from OpneSL ES.

  • Chris Bell

    I don't understand. Unity is a game engine and as such is supposed to support audio isn't it? A game cannot work with a quarter of a second delay on it. I've never had this problem before and yet I am seeing really obvious delays in audio on an Android device (LG G6). The "best latency" setting made no difference. This is a bug that hasn't been resolved (am using 2018.2.10f1).

  • rahul patil

    when audio set on rate button open the url and then play a audio ?????

    which solution??

  • cani

    Writing this post is like saying water wets


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