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When and how will I receive my Asset Store payout?



  • Peter Krell

    Hello, how about GEMA? Who´s paying the necessary GEMA fees?

  • Maru

    Hi Peter,

    I'm not aware of what GEMA is - we don't offer this as an option. Please let me know if you can provide more information on this.

  • Leonid Deburger

    Hey, just recieved money by wire and was wondered about transaction fees. 
    It says on payout page " $20 Transaction fee. Minimum transfer $250.
    Quarterly transfers" but no fees was taken... Is it canceled yet?

  • Maru

    Hey Leonld,

    Thank you for your message. Sincere apologies for the confusion here.

    I would suggest reaching out to us directly so we can look at your particular payout. You can contact us via the form here:

  • Thorsten Ames

    Hi there, I have a question regarding Payment. With this newly forced TFA system and me not owning either a phone or tablet of any sort, I will most likely be forced to cancel my Publishing Account. How do I receive my last payment after closing the account, since I will most likely be locked out without the Two Factor Authentication availability?


    Thorsten Ames

  • Pavel Yaumenchyk

    Quarterly transfers look like an absolute anachronism. Why don't you provide monthly wire payouts like everyone does?


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