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Why are my batches (draw calls) so high? What does that mean?


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  • Maxime Bolduc

    There's also 1 missing information from this page.

    If anyone is seeing a relatively higher Batches rate (draw calls) than what's actually within their scene within the Editor, it's totally normal.

    The Batches count inside the Editor count not only the project itself, but also the batches from the Editor itself. It's 100% normally to constantly have a 200+ extra batches at all time while in the Editor since the editor have generate at least 120 batches just to run. The batches counts also raise a lot more if you also uses custom/homemade editor scripts/packages.

    The only kind of batches count you can count on is the one generated from an actual build. While within the editor, the Batch count & tris count are only available to give an approx. idea and not as final count.


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