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Why has my Forums account been banned?



  • Bud James

    Where are the rules of the Forums posted?

  • Lily

    Hey Bud,

    You can find the forum guidelines outlined by our community representative via the below link:

    Hope this helps!

  • Pablo Monfort Viñales

    hi , i just want to say i never saw the rules forum link and i get mad coz had a bad experience with a plugin and a developer who didnt want to give me support ... the problem is that i think it was not fair my ban to the forum just please dont ban me from the entire unity i apologize and will be a good person from now one.

  • Alex Jeong

    Hi Pablo, 

    Thanks for your comment. 

    Can you contact our support team at <> with more details? So we can investigate your situation further and let our community team assist you accordingly. 

  • Allan Rowntree

    Banned after raising a topic about recent news of AI managing to reduce the number of calculations used by a matrix multiplication in General Discussion and potential impact of AI driven optimisations for game engines and graphics.

    The topic was active for a day or two then went back after a couple of days and found my account banned and the topic deleted.

    I have requested this ban be looked into as I have had a lot of negativity from the Unity community towards my Arowx account and the future focused topics I raise.

    Sadly, Disappointed in Unity Forums,



  • Jarvis

    Hello Allan,

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience when interacting with the Unity community and that your forum account has been impacted. I do understand how these things can cause some frustration and disappointment.

    I can see that you have already submitted a ticket with our Customer Experience Team, so please be assured that we will be able to look into this for you and get this situation resolved, as best we can.

    Please be on the lookout for an update via email shortly.



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