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When I click ‘Open in Unity’, my Asset does not download.



  • A Richards

    My issue is a variation of a theme. I can't download the assest, but that's because the Open in Unity link opens the launcher, not the editor, and the launcher doesn't download the asset.

    Other question: where do the assets go to? I'd like to choose please, upfront and not have to search for the info.

  • A Richards

    Update for those that need it:
    My assets were here: C:\Users\R\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x

    If you download and import it goes into your project folder (hey - you get to choose). A quick glance at settings did not reveal that to me.

    Please could someone from Unity consider adding a UI element so folks don't have to search for this (and ideally can set that download location to a NAS, for example)?


    BTW, I do like the way you can add asset packages at project creation time. Nice.

  • Alessandro Salvati

    I have a similar Issue: when I install a new Unity version via Unity HUB and Uninstall it leaving maybe the more recent one which I previously installed, it breaks all the "open with Unity" links from the Store, since it tries to open a version that's no longer installed.

  • Max Star

    "If you have a firewall, or proxy running go into the settings and allow these ports: 80 and 443"

    If you have Skype running, kill it. It worked for me. Skype hijacks those ports by default.

  • jo domi

    no items is showing up in the asset store in my web browser or in the engine. when i look anything up it says:

    We couldn't find any results.
    Having trouble finding what you want?
    • • Try searching for other similar keywords
    • • Try reset your search and try using the category filters on the right
  • Rory

    Hi jo domi,

    Thanks for contacting us. 
    Apologies for the inconvenience with your asset. 

    I have created ticket for you #906390. Customer Service team will have a a look and help you with your issue.

    Best regards, Rory. 

  • chupe57

    I found a solution to a problem like the one described above.


    In my case, the issue was that I had "Play mode" enabled/on in Unity Editor. It seems that for some reason it didn't allow downloading assets during that time.


    So, make sure your play mode is off.


  • Maximluking

    It`s working)) thanks

  • Rory

    Hi chupe57

    Thanks for the recommendation.
    It seems to be working for other users too. 

    In case you need assistance in the future, please reach out to


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