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How do I download an asset I have purchased?



  • Zenovak

    Where is "window" asset store i dont see it anywhere


  • Maru

    Hi there,

    To view the 'Asset Store' window, there is a button at the top of your screen within the Editor called 'Window'. If you click this, the 'Asset Store' button should appear in this drop-down list. Clicking this will generate the Asset Store window tab inside your editor.

    If you still have any issues seeing this, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can investigate this more for you.

  • Jake Treleaven

    Why can you not just show us a list of assets we have purchased? An order list is not effective. Why should i guess which order number was the right one, instead of having a simple list of assets which i have already paid for?

    Honestly this system is garbage, and a simple UI consideration that was misssed.


    This is NOT WORKING here in version 2018.37 !
     'My Orders' is blank.
    I've tried the old version but not successfully....

  • kelvinf funes

    mine keeps saying my account is offline while i'm connected to WiFi 


  • Hazel

    Hi Kelvin,

    Please ensure that you are not connected to the VPN while signing in to your account.

    If the problem still persist, please submit a ticket to Support team along with the screenshot of the page for us to look into it.

  • Aci

    This is stupid. I don't have the Unity Engine or a license for it, all I wanted is to download some photoshop files. I'm not going to pay for a Unity License just to get the stuff I already paid for. There has to be another way to get the pack downloaded.

  • Muhhamad Rasyad Suryakusuma

    My internet is good and I don't use VPN but I still can't Connect to the Asset store. Can somebody please help?

  • Philipe Comini

    Terrible UX. Forcing me to download a 3.2GB Unity Studio so I can download my PSDs. Absolutely diabolical User Experience. 


    Such a massive barrier. No wonder why UNREAL is smashing it.

  • Hrishikesh Patil

    I solved the problem of importing an unity package or asset into Unity-3D through this website: To resolve the same please go through this website

  • Derek

    Hello Aci and Phillipe. 

    Derek from Unity Customer Service here. Thanks for reaching out and for your valued feedback. 

    I can understand why you feel this is a difficult process. 

    Just to let you know, the Unity Asset store is intended for it's products to be used in the Unity editor. I can appreciate that this isn't everyones' preferred way but the Asset can only be downloaded from inside the Editor. I'm sorry about that. 

    If you would like to use the Assets outside of Unity, you can always just download the Unity Software, use it to access your purchases. Then you can just uninstall if you didn't want to have Unity installed on your machine. 

    I can appreciate that this isn't the intended method but if at any point you struggle with getting anything downloaded or want any advice on how to get Unity or Assets downloaded, you can always reach out to me or my team at

    We are happy to help. All the best. 




  • fox40phil

    Hint for the location of the "Package Manager" Window:

    The manager is under "Window" ->"Package Manager"!

    This should be in the description! I was searching where do I find the Manager. 

  • Bowen Li

    What if I try to use an asset template?

    Create a new unity project requires a template. How do I create a new project with my asset template? 


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