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How do I transfer an Asset Store purchase from one account to another?



  • Brian Davis

    I really appreciate this topic being addressed. I cannot understand why there is no way to transfer licenses for asset store purchases. As a developer, I know this cannot be a difficult task. It's a database update. Change owner from x to y. Done.

  • Bojan


    If I purchased assets on my private email and then I start the company. Are these assets still valid for the company I own?

  • Akeesh Kumar

    Hi, I wanna share assets purchased to my developer, how can I do that...!!

  • Julian Jarecki

    This Article is a little bit helpful - at least it clearly states "can't be done" which is better than desparately looking for some answers in a Unity forum, always in doubt about how official or up to date a statement is.

    However, it still feels a bit like a little punch in the gut.
    The usecases are clearly there (and stated above in the article) and the work to implement and maintain this feature should not be that big - I'm with Brian Davis: This should be a feature - it should be a goal to support this. In case there are other reasons that we do not comprehend, conflict of interest, the article should clearly explain them. 


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