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How do I transfer an Asset Store purchase from one account to another?



  • Brian Davis

    I really appreciate this topic being addressed. I cannot understand why there is no way to transfer licenses for asset store purchases. As a developer, I know this cannot be a difficult task. It's a database update. Change owner from x to y. Done.

  • Bojan


    If I purchased assets on my private email and then I start the company. Are these assets still valid for the company I own?

  • Akeesh Kumar

    Hi, I wanna share assets purchased to my developer, how can I do that...!!

  • Julian Jarecki

    This Article is a little bit helpful - at least it clearly states "can't be done" which is better than desparately looking for some answers in a Unity forum, always in doubt about how official or up to date a statement is.

    However, it still feels a bit like a little punch in the gut.
    The usecases are clearly there (and stated above in the article) and the work to implement and maintain this feature should not be that big - I'm with Brian Davis: This should be a feature - it should be a goal to support this. In case there are other reasons that we do not comprehend, conflict of interest, the article should clearly explain them. 

  • Steven Vass

    I accidentally purchased assets for one organization, but meant to buy them for my personal organization.

    The suggested workaround is:

    "to invite the relevant person who requires access to the purchased asset to the Organization that the asset is tied to. Once this person is on the same Organization that the asset was purchased under, they will then have access to it."

    But I can't invite my personal account to this other organization since they have the same email address.

  • Carl Rhoades

    Back in February, I accidentally purchased some assets without realizing I had the wrong organization selected in the store.

    All my assets were purchased with the same email address and same asset store login. Now that my small team is finally moving forward with development, I noticed assets were missing and was hoping it was going to be easy to merge them all under the same org. Sadly, that's not the case.

    Any chance Unity is looking into allowing asset ownership/assignment between orgs? 


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