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Can I submit an asset that uses Unity Standard Assets?



  • Justin

    1) What about if I submit a "Complete project" or scene to the asset store which uses COMPONENTS of a standard asset only? For example, my own character and scripts, controlled by the single stock controller for Android prefab?

    2) Also in the case that I submit a "complete project", can that project contain free assets from the store? For example, in the case that I submit an RPG, and some weapons in the game are free assets from the store, is this allowed?

  • Mikael Högström

    @Justin Yeah, there are many such "Complete Projects" in the asset store which includes some parts from both standard assets and other unity assets like "Bootcamp". This is allowed, I remember reading some where that Unity explicitly allowed using their assets as placeholders in such assets.

    The same cannot be said of other free assets, unless explicitly stated in their specific license of course. I have included parts of a free asset in my own after contacting the author though.

  • Ahmed Gamal

    Hi I am working on an extension to generate visual effects. and the extension should come with some default textures to work with. Can I use some of the textures from the standard assets folder? 

    And If I need to contact the owner, who should I contact for the standard assets? 

  • Hazel

    Hi Ahmed Gamal,

    As specified in the article, you may used the textures from the standard assets folder for your personal project but not within asset submissions of your own that generate revenue.

    You can submit a ticket to Support if you have any questions on Standard Assets.

  • Ahmed Gamal

    Hi Cass,

    I understood this bit. I am just not sure if this applies to my case. this is why I am asking. Because I am planning to sell my extension itself but my extension will need some helper textures for default values and so. 

    to give an example, I will have some code for a procedural generation for example. this code will need some noise texture to work. while the texture itself doesn't matter and what I am actually selling is this code, having a good noise texture like the one in the standard assets will create better results. 

    So does this apply to my case too? is it valid to include this noise texture in my extension? 


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