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How can I revoke a seat on my subscription?



  • Adrian Babilinski

    Doesn't help if I want to disable the activation for the user. 
    Removing the user and adding them back will still give the error as if all the activation keys were used

  • Jeff Brown

    As Adrian above stated, this does not work to reset activations. It returns the same key with the same errors when trying to activate.

  • Matey Nenov

    As stated above, DOESN'T work at all!

  • Souman Trivedi

    This does not work at all for performing "reset activation" action.

  • Lara

    Apologies for the confusion, everyone.

    Our website management system is not yet linked in with the Editor. In short, you can manage who has access to a license from the website, but Editor activations need to be returned through the Editor itself for now.

    We are working as quickly as possible to get the site linked to the Editor to make things smoother for everyone. For now, anyone who is struggling to reset their license activations in the Editor can contact us here  with their license serial number.

  • G Gh

    dear team,

    I kindly ask you to stop charging me for а service I asked to remove (and you confirmed that!) in Dec-2018!.
    Please be also kind to RETURN ALL the moneys charged from my card AFTER i asked to terminate my account.
    The most recent payment was taken from me just TODAY - that is revolting!
    Thank you,

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