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Why was my asset declined?


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  • James McGhee

    On a few occasions now our submission has been rejected wrongly, we would reach out to you and get you to look again it would get resolved and that is that .....

    So I think this article needs to cover off your expected process/procedure for contesting such a decision as we have had as noted several occasions where we where incorrectly rejected.

    1) This is becoming more common saddly; that is incorectly rejected submissions
    2) Its getting harder and harder to communicate with you when this does happen
    3) The rejection emails note the section and subsection of your guidlines they feel is in violation but doesn't say how it infreges on that ... makign it a bit usless .... for example one noted the no trademarked content section ... forget the specifc number anyway no idea what could have tripped that. There is no content in the package that wasn't created by us so none of it is undersome trademark ... the email didn't give any hints as to what part of the asset was in violation or was thought to be in violation so best we can do is shruge and try to reach you ... which has been a huge issue with our emails not being recieved by the help center system and the link you provide in the rejection email not working


    We have opened a support case for this ... which went to the general suport team so not very useful but it at least makes your company aware of it.

    My comment here is this information in this article isn't very helpful and the current processes and systems around this aspect of publishing aren't very helpful or reliable. As a game dev with a pro license I can click the support button on the Organization dashboard and get a nice solid and stable line of communication with fallback options like chat, non-generic email, etc. for when the dashboard isn't working well. This goes to the correct support team via a web portal not depending on Zendesk email integration ... even the affiliate program its easier to speak with that team via web portals and similar ... but for asset publishers information is scant, generally unhelpful and its a hard time to communicate with you. 

    To reiterate ... my reason for making this comment here on this help article is the hopes that you can provide us with some targeted channel or procedure to follow to communicate with the team when we need to such as needing to contest a rejection as discribed in this article. 

    The generic support channel isn't sufficent and doesn't reach your team
    Responding on your email doesn't always work such as at the moment
    Your support desk link in your email doesn't work at the moment

    Point is coms area broken ... need fixing and need reliable alternatives as nothing always works ... so you need a few channels. There doesn't seem to be an actual procedure to work off of here either. In the past we could just reach out state our case have a little conversation over email sometimes and magicly sorted ... now we try to reach out get sent to the wrong team, have to play the wispers game talking through 1 tech to another to try to get to your team ... no idea what the procedure should be just asking on all available channels and hoping we something sticks to the wall


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