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How do I purchase a Unity license?



  • antonio rojas

    I am a plus subscriber and i couldn´t believe, if someone says to me, how incredibly Big difficulties i am finding for make my license go in my editor:

    - I purchased my Plus subscription and after that i add my own seat to my account.

    - I put my license key at my unity hub and it detect it perfectly.

    - I run the editor (2019.4 and 2019.3 tested) and i cant use my subscription.

    - I unninstalled several times, using a registry cleaner, both of Hub and Unity, and reinstalled again. Nothing happens.

    - I made another profile in unity web and give the sear to it (using the same pc). Nothing happens.

    - I add a seat for a friend of mine, with other computer obviously, and... IT WORKS!

    - I deleted his seat and put it again on my profile and... suprise! NOTHING HAPPENS.


    48h working for solving this... really?

    I confess i am a little bit anoying because of this... and a little angry to.

  • Garyainov

    Какой период оплаты лицензии на Unity Enterprise? Сколько стоит в российских рублях лицензия на этот продукт?


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