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How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication on my account?



  • oussama boultif

    i lost my phone how i can recover this tow factor authentaction

  • Cem Koker

    Of course it doesn't work ... 

  • Hakari

    I changed my phone and it asks me for a code to change my code.


    How to solve it?

  • Derek

    Hello Oussama Ken and Hakari. 

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting Two Factor Authentication to work on your account or are experiencing log in issues. 

    In this instances, we can help remove the TFA from the account allowing you to log in. 

    You will just need to confirm ownership of the account by providing the current phone number attached to this account. Once we know you are the rightful owner we can an remove the TFA allowing you to log in once more. 

    Please reach out to us with this information at 

    If you are experiencing a different error, please describe this in full detail to support and we will assist as best as we can. 

    I hope this information helps. All the best. 


  • Megharaj Deshmukh



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